Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Fast Five

Five quick thoughts...


We're on our way to see The Hobbit at 10:25 this morning. We've had the Lord of the Rings sound track playing during breakfast.


Facebook won't work on my kitchen laptop all of a sudden. It will let me view Facebook, but not post an update, comment on someone else's update, or even like a status. Let me tell you how far down the Jedi's priority list this issue is. Let me tell you how s.o.l. that leaves me.


There is currently a lego platypus and a lego starfighter and a lego undead creature sitting under my Christmas tree. This year is Toa of Boy's year to dictate the decorations for the tree. Our tree is exclusively covered in white lights and family-constructed lego ornaments. Pics to follow.


Last night I traced, cut out, and glued 90 foam numbers to 90 small plastic plates. Today I have 30 more numbers to do and then 270 little round stickers to put on plates. Then I can assemble my preschool activity bags.


Homemade Cincinnati style chili for dinner tonight.

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