Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review

Year in Review...
Here's what you do!

(Oh the cleverness of me.)

Post the first sentence of each blog post for each month of the past year.


Post the first Facebook status update for each month of the past year.

Play along! Make your own list!

Blog Posts:

January: Every year, I promise myself I WILL NOT make any New Year's Resolutions.

February: Confession time--this is actually from a few weeks ago.

March: Mmmmmmm.....Chili.

April: Toa of Boy has claimed (again) the space behind the corner chair in the living room as his fort.

May: Mmmmmm.....Roasted Veggies

June: This post is progressing without much input from the birthday boy.

July: Even though I am *not* an organized person...there are few things I love more at the start of a new school year than putting together a lovely color coded schedule.

August:  In keeping with her own goal of becoming a professional writer, this year Sweetling made an in-depth exploration of the genre of script and screen writing.

September: There are no pictures.

October: The downside to being a certified Kansas City Barbeque Society judge is that the last time I made what used to be a favorite "bbq pulled pork" in the crock pot, I was completely disgusted at how soggy, mushy, and bland the whole thing turned out.

November: I had all the photos taken to include in a post about how much we like our new math curriculum.

December: Let me start today off with the BEST BROWNIE RECIPE EVER.


ok, I don't often post about football, but that was clearly a pass interference. If you pull the guy's shirt half off, it's pretty blatant. where are the refs now?

yesterday's quotes:
Geometry--"A 'square rooty guy'? Really, Mommy?"
Toa--"No! Don't clip my toenails! I want to be a vampire-bear!"
Tae Kwon Do--"Wait! I need my leg!"

(no updates--gave up Facebook for Lent)

I'm breaking my Facebook fast with a request for help. I just got a phone call asking for clothes for a little girl, size 6, who's family lost most of their possessions during an eviction process. If you should have any girl clothes size 6 that you could pass on, could you please be in touch with me? I'll hop back on Facebook to check PMs and replies to this message. Thank you!

 ok, I'm sewing this beautiful elven dress. (I'm using view A, the dress itself is cream crushed panne, the sleeves are a glimmering spring green netting). Here are my options, I can cut the sleeves out WITH the grain of the fabric and cut two pieces, front and back. This then leaves a seam running down the shoulder and top of sleeves. OR I can cut the sleeves out in ONE piece running AGAINST the grain of the fabric. This means no seam, but the sleeves don't drape as nicely. (The fabric isn't wide enough to cut the sleeve in one piece running with the grain.) Thoughts?
Pre-seven this morning found me outside in the pouring rain, huddled under a gulf umbrella, scooping water out of the frog tank because both their large rocks were completely submerged and I didn't want them to drown!

 I love technology! I can stalk my daughter across the country!

Ok the two day fast from Facebook was totally worth it to watch the US women take gold!!!!

 Life in a nerd home:
3 day holiday weekend is spent watching Lord of the Rings, playing a tabletop rpg, and buying and playing Zombie Flux.

 Saturday night's Dr Who did not record. Much sadness.

I come home with bruises from king of the ring. Sadly, they are not the marks of victory.

Quote from today's Dr. Who game: "Last one there doesn't get the porridge!" 

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