Thursday, December 20, 2012

Quotes from a Boy Play Date

This was some of the equipment brought into my house for a boy playdate:
1 two-foot T-Rex; 1 two-foot dragon, and two huge transformers.

All three of us females are spending the day hiding in our rooms. Within minutes of boys arrival, I hear the cry, "Get the troll!" Woe unto you, O troll. Your doom is at hand.

I'm just jotting down some of the things I've heard through the day. Of course, at good half of the, um, dialogue, involves war cries, sound effects, and battle noises. Those don't translate into the written word well.

"Oh! My weiner!"

"I got hit where no one should ever get hit."

"We were trapped in a pretzel because the boy on top had part of him trapped on the bottom."

"Was that you who licked my feet?"

"We need some protein."

"We had silly putty and it got stuck on our couch for a long time, but then our dog finally got it off."

"Peace, love, and zombies." 

"Remember Burp Friday?"

"I'm protecting you! I'm protecting you!"

"Where's his head?"

"Here's the leader."

"No, the dinosaurs can't attack yet."

"But he has no head." 

"Dude, I know how to make cannons out of Lincoln Logs."

"This could be the town's protector."

"Don't destroy the town 'till your mom gets a picture of it."

"Ah! He's undefeated!"

"I'm alive! I'm alive! No! I'm a ghost!"

"Next comes the spinning wheel of death."

"Fight like a man!"

"Whoever loses, the winner gets to give him a wedgie."

"C'mon! Just one of you guys say 'uncle'."

"This is a dungeon....a level one dungeon."

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