Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Philly Trip Plan: Day One Possibilities

The first day of our trip sees us leaving Cincy and driving to Williamsburg VA.

That is NINE hours of drive time and looks like this:

I'm back in research mode, looking for at least one midway stop to break up the long drive and provide some interest and adventure in the day.

One option is Covington VA. It's 5 hours and 43 minutes from Cincy.  A quick buzz through trip advisor isn't shouting out with any awesome stuff.

Hawk's Nest State Park in West Virginia is almost exactly at the halfway part of the drive. This might be a real possibility to get out and stretch our legs some. It has a visitor's center for kids, a lookout point over the river....and an aerial tram car. The Jedi (who hates heights) says, "'re funny."

The city of Charleston WV is also near the halfway point. But once again, I'm not seeing any cool kid friendly stop. Coonskin Park is near Charleston, but it's a fairly standard county park.

Lansing is close to en route. It has a bunch of Adventures on the Gorge, such as ziplines and white water rafting. But I need a quick, easy attraction. Orb the Gorge would be fun, but a bit too pricy for a 'travel diversion'.

 Huntington. There's a historic farm and village there, but I think that we need something active for Toa. We'll be doing enough history on the trip as it is.

 And Fayetteville....which has a BridgeWalk, certain to be another hit with the Jedi. It's not my fault that the cool mountain attractions are up high. But in this case, the bridgewalk is a whopping $69 per person! I shall keep looking.

 And Beckley....which has a tour of a historic coal mine, described as "not for the claustraphobic." This has gotten me another *look* from the Jedi...who is, in fact, claustraphobic.

That makes me 0 for 7.... crap.

But the Jedi hits a home run by finding Waves of Fun.

Giant water slides for the win!

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