Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Unschooling Morning

Our dear neighbors lost a grandson over the weekend. Having just gone through a death in our family this winter, both the Jedi and myself wanted to attend the service this morning.

I left the children home with Mama. They each had a list of schoolwork. I told them that they could do their school work, or work on any creative project of their choosing. They both opted for the creative project.

Sweetling put in a few more hours on her plush TakoLuka. She's creating it from scratch, no pattern or directions. Just the Japanese youtube videos she likes as a guide.

Toa of Boy is creating a coin operated Lego arcade. So far he has two vending machines which accept Lego "money" and then *actually function* to dispense little cylindrical Lego soda cans. He also has a photo booth (non-functional) and a claw machine complete with prizes, a dangling claw, and two joystick controls. He is a little disappointed that he can't make the claw machine operational, but I told him not to worry about it. You can't get prizes out of the real claw machines either.

If I were cooler, I'd be able to take pictures and get hem from my phone or my camera to my computer and then to my blog. Alas, I am only a dork..not a techno geek.

Geek:  You understand, create and fix Really Cool Stuff

Nerd:   You understand and collect Really Cool Stuff

Dork:  You are confused by Really Cool Stuff
On the agenda for the afternoon, making white chicken chili and Texas sheet cake to take to another co-op family. And probably more unschooling.

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