Thursday, October 18, 2007

Doctors and Otters and Donuts...Oh MY!

The doctor visit today went really well. Everyone was really nice and explained every little step to me. They also said that they could do an epideral, if I preferred, but that they would have to keep me in recovery longer for that. They said they do many, many MH biopsy tests all the time, and that the anesthetic they use for MH patients is a very safe anesthetic and no one has ever had a reaction to it. They also said that if I was feeling natious, they would be sure to give me some anti-nausia medication in the recovery room. (They said a lot of people are more worried about getting nautious from the anesthesia than they are worried about whatever surgery they are going to have). I really liked everyone I talked to, and am feeling much better about the proceedure now.

I am supposed to check in tomorrow at 6am. i forgot to ask how long they anticipated the procedure taking. But they were doing me as one of the first cases in the morning. Apparantly the test they need to do with the muscle takes 4-6 hours, and has to be done right away, so they always do the MH biopsies early. The good news about that is that Dr Lin, who will be experimenting on my muscle in her lab, said she'll call our cell phones that afternoon with the result. That's much better than I expected. I figured I'd have to wait until next week sometime to know. She also asked for a lot of family history info (not all of which I knew) trying to trace possible MH episodes through the family tree. If I test positive, I promised I'd sit down with mother and put together a more accurate family tree to email her. They try to keep records of how it effects families, since it is genetic, in the hopes of being able to understand it better. Apparantly there is a combination of multiple genes that come together to make MH.

The bad news is, since they need the muscle tissue fresh, and since certain clotting agents would render it useless as a biopsy sample, when they do the incision they cant use any of the clotting agents they would normally use. So, there's a lot of bleeding with an MH biopsy. They said to expect a lot of blood (like bruising) under the skin. The doctor that will be taking the biopsy said that in rare cases someone has had to go back in to have excess blood trapped under the skin drained away. That falls into the yuck category.

The other good news is....I saw otters today at a nature preserve. They were adorable. So curious and playful when we were there. They popped there little heads up and watched us, and then started doing back flips off the ledges for their audience.

I also had the best donuts EVER. We went to Krispy Kreme, because Pastor Tim told us we had to ;) And OH....the boxes of donuts in the grocery totally doesn't do them justice. Inside the store, they had a little production line of donuts with glass windows so costumers can watch the donuts being made. That in itself was super cool. THEN they gave us free sample donuts, right off the line, dipped it a chocolate fountain. The donuts were so warm when they handed them to me they were almost too hot to hold. We let them cool a little, and then bit into them....ahhhhhhh.....soooooooo good!!! They were literally melt in your mouth good. The little guy and I sat at the table eating our donuts. I actually held his donut for him, and fed him, cause the warm chocolate icing was so messy. Even so we *both* wound up with chocolate all our our faces and hands. We were giggling and having a great time. (I think it was the little guys excitement at seeing the donuts made, and his great smile that earned us the free donuts. No one else got offered samples, just our family.)

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Vaya The Elf said...

thats cool you don't have to wait long for your test , never been to krispie creams before? they had them in the tri-state.