Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Telephone's email

As much as I tease Telephone...even giving her the blog name Telephone, she is a really good friend. I emailed her the same thing I posted earlier tonight, and this was her response... (names have been changed to protect the innocent of course. And should any member of your team be captured...)

So they are putting you under. We will pray that there is no reaction when they do this Friday . Let me know what time this will all take place, so I can be praying. I did not realize the incisions would be that big. I hope that you will not be sore from the incision site. If when you get back and the Jedi is back at work on Monday I can come and help if you need it. I just need to be back here by 2:00 for babysitting. You took such good care of me and now I can return the favor to a really good friend. I'm glad that God has placed you in my life. You are such a special and close friend, if not one of my best friends. I love ya!! Take care and talk to you later.

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