Monday, October 08, 2007

Teacher In-Service Day

I love being the one in charge. And since no one that has a job reads this (except Vaya, and I already told her), I was absolutely irresponsible today.

I spent the day reading the third book in this cool series....I don't know what the series is called, but the first book is Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I was going to post the link to her page...but it has too many spoilers in it. But you must all go to the library and find this book and read it. Look deep into my eyes....repeat after me....'I must read Twilight...I must read Twilight....' "

See how painless that was.

Crap. Ok, I have to post the link...but ONLY THE MAVEN is allowed to go read the link first. The rest of you have to read the book first, then the link. And by saying that, everyone is going to click the link immediately. You nosey people you.

Fine. I'm not going to post it. Tptptptptp.


Vaya The Elf said...


I will find it, I will

Chocolateer said...

Read the books first!!!! No reading spoilers! Bad you!