Monday, October 22, 2007

Ode to Mango

I was so sure, so absolutely certain, so beyond any shadow of a doubt positive, that I explained why Mango is Mango. But, since blogger has a search function, I did a search on my blog.....and I don't think I ever *did* explain why Mango is Mango.

If I'm wrong, its because I have weak google-fu.

This post is all about Mango. Mango had the misfortune of being talked into being my assistant leader for AHG last year. Now, this is a terrible fate for two reasons --1) I should not be "in charge" of anything...not if you want things to run smoothly; and 2) in a group of giggling, excited, little girls...I am the most giggly and excited of them all. But poor Mango didn't know this when Telephone talked her into 'helping' me. Maybe Telephone thought the girls needed a responsible adult with them. I certainly don't fit that category. I am a great girl leader though :) But I digress... we went through several AHG meetings and a few phone calls being friendly. I was very grateful and appreciative of Mango, because she would call me the afternoon of the meeting and ask what we were doing that which point I'd start brainstorming, Mango would listen and support, and then bring snacks, craft supplies, photocopies, library books...and whatever else we needed based on my zany ideas. It was almost like we were organized.

But, while I liked and deeply, deeply appreciated Mango during the wasn't till Camporee that I truly became a number-one Mango fan :) For a few weeks after the Camporee weekend ( felt like weeks), I followed the Jedi around talking about Mango, and how I really, really hoped Mango would be my friend, and did he think I should call Mango, or would that be too pushy? Maybe I should just send her a gift on Webkinz? I think I drove the Jedi crazy. Or maybe the Jedi has just perfected the art of tuning me out when I'm irrational.

Irrational or not, the point was over Camporee weekend that I realized how cool Mango was, and how neat we clicked together. And thus, it was right after Camporee that Mango needed a blog name. And, since Mango had confessed to me her secret love of mango margaritas during camporee....and since Mango needed a name that was a) unique and different, b) sounded like fun, c) just a tiny bit fruity, and d) would always remind me of that camporee weekend.... Mango Margarita it was. I had tiny pangs of guilt about the name later....when she went and named me Mary Poppins on her blog (cause I'm practically perfect in every way). But I think there's an unwritten rule that stipulates blog names should never be changed. Something about the universe unraveling. And really, I've tossed around other name ideas for Mango....but secretly, I really *like* the name Mango. I liked it when I picked it....for all the reasons already outlined, and I still like it. I could call her MM (for Mango Margarita of course)....or let those initials become M&M....cause chocolate is always always a good thing. Or "The Other Pea" cause the Jedi says we two are like two peas in a pod. Or ENFP, cause she is, like me. Or BFF if I'm being cutesy and elementary again. Or Kindred Spirit, but that sounds too...I don't know, not playful enough. But I like Mango the best of all the options I can come up with.

Anyway, Mango brought me dinner last Saturday, when we got back from North Carolina. And I started this post on Sunday....but I'm a me....and more than a week later I 'm getting around to finishing my post. She also brought me a webkinz, a littlekinz bunny which I promptly named Jennikins. And in return I derailed her week by getting her addicted to the fall leaf hunt on Webkinz world. Cause that's the considerate sort of friend *I* am. But, in the true spirit of togetherness, I sat on the phone and chatted with her while we both were sitting in front of our computers hoping a leaf would drift across our screens. See, I can be giving ;) (And then she in return sent me the fall poster...which is the one prize I couldn't bag during the leaf hunt...along with virtual fudge, and virtual chocolate of course).

To sum up....

Hooray for Mango! I'm so glad she's my friend :)


Mango said...

I just saw this post and have to say that I AM THANKFUL FOR YOU!!!! You are a great friend, and I am so glad you are my friend. :)
I hope Little Guy is feeling better! We are having movie might so I am going to sit here and play Webkinz... maybe I will find you on it!

Impossible Mom said...

the cycle is complete.

Good luck Mango!