Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Zerburts are coming

I'm not allowed to blog about this, but it made for a good title. So I shall now ramble about something else instead, lest the nine year old's lips are permanently distorted from pouting so hard. Go do your vocabulary, you nine year old you.

Have I mentioned that I love being the one in charge?

I called Mango today, because I needed to explain to someone the latest soap opera that HoneyBee has called me with. Yes, yes. I am such a girly girl that way. Someone calls me with a problem, and I immediately get off the phone and call someone else.

Mango, I learned, has a completely separate log that she was HOLDING OUT ON ME. But I think I made her late to her carpool for dance keeping her on the phone trying to talk me through typing in a simple URL. The Force is not with me. We all know this. But now I have her OTHER blog, and I put it in my links.

Facebook, by the way, is absolutely the dark side of the force. Christopher Robin has deserted me for Facebook. Its evil. Evil. Vaya is on Facebook too....but at least she does both. Smurf deserted blogging so long ago it doesn't bear mentioning. (And yet you notice I'm mentioning it anyway.)

Little Guy threw up in the middle of the night. I changed his sheets, got him all cleaned up and tucked back into bed. I unrolled a sleeping back and slept, fitfully, on his floor the rest of the night. This morning he was fine. He immediately went to the whiteboard in the kitchen to practice his letters. He spent the rest of the morning alternating between laying on the couch watching PBS kids, and jumping up and down on the trampoline watching PBS kids.

I took one bite of my lunch today and my stomach said, "dont send down another bite." So, I didn't. I feel crappy, but not crappy enough to declare myself sick and put myself to bed. I had a piece of toast an hour ago, and that's stayed with me. I know all of you are totally enthralled by whether or not my stomach is a tiny bit quesy. Don't worry, I'm totally here for your entertainment needs like that.

And because we've just firmly established that I'm NOT pathetic.... I'm tagging myself. Someone tagged Mango....and I'm sure Mango *meant* to tag me. So, I'm just helping her with that, so that she doesn't feel bad later or anything.

Here are the rules:
1) The player starts with 8 random facts about herself.

2) The person who is tagged must post on her own blog her answers and post the rules first.

3) Then the player must pick 8 people and tag them. Also leave them a note on Message that lets them know that you tagged them. You can write who you tagged on your blog also!

(The downfall here being that I don't have 8 people to tag, because Facebook is *evil*.)

But 8 random facts about myself:

1. I generally do not like stories in which vampires are the protagonists in any way. Vampires, as a rule, should be staked and decapitated. None of this nouveau misunderstood sensitive brooding goth figure. No no. Blood-sucking creatures of the night as a rule do not get sympathy points in my book. (Rules of course, do have exceptions.)

2. I am so disappointed that Sweetling was never into the Barbie movies. I lost my excuse to watch them. I'm not overly fond of Barbie dolls, but darn it, I did want to watch Barbie Swan Lake.

3. Coffee is a nasty, nasty drink. Why do grown people choose to drink coffee? It tastes like medicine.

4. I had a few years of my life, maybe a decade, in which I was cute and physically attractive, and I didn't appreciate it at the time. Now, I'm always surprised when i catch sight of myself in a mirror. I expect to see the 20 year old me staring back at me...but middle age has crept up on me. (Ok, in fairness, middle age and a bigtime lack of exercise).

5. Exercise is boring. I would like to be active...bikeriding, dance, hiking....but that involves fitting stuff into the schedule.

6. If we won the lottery, the first thing I would want is a new house. I like this house, but there are so many little things that just bog me down all the time. Even the Jedi notices. We were watching tv and a Stanely Cleaner add for carpet cleaning came on. The Jedi said, "Our carpet needs taken out back and burned." He's so right. So, I don't want a mansion. I just want a house with everything fresh and new and clean.

7. Or a castle in a forest. That wouldn't disappoint me either.

8. I hate the phrase "If your bored its cause you're boring."


Vaya The Elf said...

I don't like the phase either, if you bored then you are boring, never heard of it before, but now I don't like it.

As for house, I would like one...lol you house is not to bad, I think the big problem is the Kitchen, to small for everyone, because you like having people over, and with the table in there, its kind of bothersome, on the other hand the downstairs is nice.
facebook is not evil, i would send you stuff if you were on it.

aS for your looks, come on. You are the only middle aged woman that can still pass for my older sister, so please.

Excise does suck, I never want to after work. Lately I find I really do want to excise, but as you said its boring, like excising with people, but thats just not going ot happen.

Anonymous said...