Saturday, October 11, 2008

Character Concept, Part 2

Now, before you start looking through my blog for a part one, there isn't one. How can I have a part two before I have a part one? Cause I'm random, remember? (The part one is actually found in the post Dresses or some such. If I were a friendly helpful person, I'd link it for you, but right now, I'm busy typing and stuffing my face with chocolate cake.)

So, I spent at least two hours today looking through images on deviantart. I could spen all day looking through images on deviantart and loosing myself imagining stories behind the artists' visions. There are a few images that each have a character quality that's relevant to my current daydream. (Christopher Robin, this is for my chickie in a box. I'm justified in spending time on this, cause I don't yet have an aztersil post to reply to.)

Many of the artists on deviantart sell their prints. So, if you like something, by all means go check out the artists and their work.

(computers hate me. It took me ten tries to get this post even legible. This is why I skipped the homeschool memeoirs assignment to share summer photos. AND, to add insult to injury it ATE, yes ATE three of the five comments I had to the memoir assigment I did do. They were there. I selected them. I hit publish. It published two of the five. It ate the other three. Have I mentioned that? It ATE them.)


SuzyScribbles said...

OK, are you saying you have to publish the comments you receive? They don't go on naturally? maybe it's because you do that "blog approval" thing. Why don't you just let them post? Do you think some nasty person is going to say mean things about your post and you want to see it first? LOL

Maybe you won't lose comments then?

No, I've never heard of your capek something or other that I'm too lazy to go back and spell right.

Oh, I sent you an e-mail to your junk folder. You can read it sometime. Nothing much.

I like your pictures on this post. Do you write many stories or do you just teach the kids?

I wish I had a more eclectic imagination. I think up stories in two genres:
--old west
--outer space.

If you see no connection between the two then you are SO wrong.

Gene Roddenbarry tagged his Star Trek series as "Wagon train to the stars."

And there you have it. So I guess I limit my imagination to ONE genre in 2 settings. Hmmm...

OK, I'm rambling, and I don't usually do that. You are infecting me! I used to write all kinds of stories (as a kid and a teenager). I even wrote poems. But then I had 4 kids. Brain cells sucked out. Dry. Oh, here is a story I wrote as an adult. A true-life adventure. It's on my Suzy's Story Blog.

Now it's your turn. Do you have a story I can read?

I dare you. I DOUBLE-DARE you!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Oh, those are lovely! I could spend hours looking through deviantart!

I had to laugh at you saying that I'm the neat twin. LOL! Here is how the schoolroom USED to look:

I like the weekly blessing idea, though Fly Lady, in general, makes me depressed, so I ignore her. I guess I sort of already do the once a week cleaning thing, but it might help to do it a bit more intentionally. I will check it out.

Mary Beth

P.S. The image in my banner is "The Lady of Shalott" by John William Waterhouse. I love his paintings!!

Impossible Mom said...

ymm. The chick in the water is my favorite. My chicki in a box is now like 28th level or something and part dragon! Woot!

Still tied to a boss ;)