Thursday, January 15, 2009

Because I should throw up something about me

Ewww...did I just say throw up something about me? That's totally not what I meant. See, you didn't even go there till I pointed it out, did you? But now you are there, and you're going "ewwww" right along with me.

Friday Fill-In

1. Enough with the cold!!!!! Seriously, I wore long underwear under my jeans today. You think it was winter or something.

2. Sweetling sparring causes me to be conflicted. Tonight the Jedi came home and said it was a rough night at class. At one point, says the Jedi, at least four different kids were crying. Sweetling, says the Jedi, got kicked in the throat. But, says the Jedi, she did a great job of sucking it up, staying focused, and getting back into the sparring. The Mommy is thinking only one thought...MY BABY!!!! So, the Mommy calls the girl over, gives her a hug and asks calmly if she was alright. Sweetling smiles and says she is. And Mommy says, great job doodle-bug, while ignoring every Mommy instinct that is trying to rev her into over-protective tirade. And then Mommy went and got her own do-book on and grabbed her pads for her own tae kwon do class.

3. I've been craving a house cleaning fairy, a hot tub, a garden that maintains itself, a castle in the forest, a summer home on Christopher Robin's island. But you notice chocolate isn't on the list. Its cause I don't have chocolate cravings, I have chocolate fixes. There's a difference.

4. I make me laugh. Really I do. I think I'm pretty funny. The Jedi doesn't always agree with that, but then he only has to live with me.

5. I wish I could go nowhere next week.
Seriously. I just want to stay home, do school, get on the laptop, and chill out. I'm tired of running around. Though, if someone gave me a free trip to somewhere warm and sunny, I wouldn't turn it down.

6. Routines have been on my mind lately. Its sad but true. I've spent the past week or two thinking about, and lucky for you, blogging about my routines and the way my weeks are organized. (Hey Holly, I didn't get a chance to try doing my errands after co-op today. We wound up going home early cause Sweetling had a tummy ache. She was better in time for Tae Kwon Do, but that was irrelevant as far as my errands went.)

7. And as for the weekend, tomorrow night I'm looking forward to gaming if I can get Aimee's character sheet updated, Saturday my plans include two birthday parties at Mango's house, and Sunday, I want to watch Angel and Extreme Makeover Home Edition!

Now, you might think I did Friday's fill in a day early. No, I did last Friday's fill in a week late. See, the universe has been restored to its proper functioning.


JM said...

You know, I was reading someone else's entry on some martial arts class she and her kids take and I'll tell you the same thing I told her...I think we'll stick with dance. :-)

As for gardening...nope, I don't live in the frozen north, not anymore at least. I grew up there but came down here to thaw out, met my dh, can't get him to complaints about it this winter.

And your description of my third child is very apt. Definitely one out for fun. I'll have to keep your suggested name in mind.

Elle said...

Yes the weather gosh!
so cold!
Right away i thought you meant throw up. But i have a fairy weird mind xD