Friday, January 16, 2009

Suckered In

1. I should be doing school.
2. I should be doing something productive. Dusting the living room maybe, you can write your name on the TV stand.
3. I should be updating my character for tonight.

What AM I doing? I'm getting suckered. Check this add out...

Get Paid to Blog about whatever you want
It's $30 minimum if you blog everyday!


But you know I clicked on it anyway. I clicked on it, and I sent the link to Christopher Robin so she can get hopping on earning all a tropical island.

The catch is, you get paid $2.00 for every thousand unique clicks. Got that. $2. For a thousand clicks. Unique clicks. If I got 50 unique hits to my blog, I'd be smoking hot. On the other hand, what would I have to lose for trying? Its pretty much guaranteed to fail, but if I should get a check in the mail for $2, I can ask the Jedi to scan it for me and have Sweetling make a button out of it. I'll post it up on my blog as my reward to me ;)

What would I call it? and what would I write about? Insight, bless her, seems to think I make even laundry sound interesting. I could call it "" or "stayhomemom". Hmm? I'm leaning toward doomed to flop.

(And while I type this, Sweetling is looking for blueberry syrup in the pantry and Toa of Boy is in the living room sniffling cause no one will read him the text boxes in Animal Crossing CityFolk.)

oooo...I could be "The Procrastinator's Blog"! I'm good at that!

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Anonymous said...

3. I should be updating my character for tonight.
WOW! 2 kids, home school and still working on your character? I hope Kathleen, your magic user has finally got her phase/teleport spell working. I would say more, but I am suppose to be mute.
Delorian S. Ford