Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday afternoons

Something about Sunday afternoons just imply an afternoon spent doing nothing. Really, think about it. Say Sunday afternoon to yourself and immediately an image is conjured of sitting on a porch rocker drinking lemonade and watching birds at a feeder or children playing on a lawn.

But, then again, say Saturday, and the image is of rides, cookouts, shopping with friends.

And yet, one of those days needs to be laundry, vacuuming, and other such chores. I usually take Saturday as my day of rest. Now, what I'd like, what my goal is, is to get home from church, have a quick lunch, and then have all my chores done by 3ish so I still have some of a lazy Sunday afternoon.

It was about 10 after 4 when I sat down to write. We got home from church at about 12:40. In that time, this is what I got done:
--reheated pizza for lunch for me and nuked a hot dog for Toa of Boy
--reloaded the dishwasher (the Jedi unloaded it), cleaned the kitchen table, cleaned the sink, cleaned out the microwave
--threw the first load of laundry in the washer
--vacuumed the house
--sorted the rest of the laundry and had the kids sort theirs
--transferred the laundry, threw the next load in
--read a book with Toa of Boy
--cleaned out two of Sweetling's drawers (with her help)
--cleared off my desk (its somehow covered again anyway)
--picked up clutter in the living room (it was all mine)
--clipped all of this Sunday's coupons
--hung up the first load of laundry and transferred the rest

This is what I didn't get done, that I would have liked to:
--file the coupons
--clean the bathroom
--sweep the kitchen
--get Sweetling's school list for next week ready

So, what I'm realizing is that my list is too long to fit in a two hour period. Even if I jump up and down on it to try to squash it in, it doesn't fit.

And this fascinating post is exactly why isn't going to be handing me the big bucks.

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