Monday, May 18, 2009

Daybook, May 18th

Outside my window...the ants have made the mother of all ant colonies under the green welcome mat by the patio door. The strawberries have completely covered the little stepping stone path. The sandbox and hopscotch path desperately need weeded. And the square foot garden sproutlings are tiny, tiny, tiny little green dots surrounded by dirt and cypress mulch.

I am thinking...most children get grounded and sent to their rooms. Sweetling is going to be grounded *from* her room tomorrow after an afternoon on little lesson progress while in her room.

I am thankful for...the opportunity to homeschool, even if I've been whining a lot lately. It is a huge blessing. We aren't going to be done by the end of May, which is really difficult for me to take, but the opportunity to homeschool is still a blessing, and I want to keep that in mind during the first two weeks of June.

From the learning rooms...Toa of Boy read his own word problems today in math. He needed help with a few words, like "does", but his actually reading!!!

From the kitchen...I got squat. We had hamburgers and french fries for dinner. The Jedi made rice krispie treats on Saturday. I wanted to make Mama a caramel pecan cheesecake, but the rice krispie treats are now in the pan I need. Keep reading, I promise the other parts will be more interesting.

I am wearing...I lied. This isn't interesting. Jeans with cool pink embroidery and a pink blouse with white socks and green and blue plaid shoes. It works. I swear it does. Even the shoes.

I am creating...a blog for a fantasy character. This is my character from the game the Jedi runs.

I am Canton this weekend! Sweetling's birthday is on Thursday and Toa of Boy's birthday is on Friday. So, we're driving up to Canton and having a birthday party for them on Saturday with cousins and friends of the family at Pump it Up.

I am reading...The Little House Reader, a collection of writings from other members of Laura Ingalls Wilder's family as well as pieces Laura published before the Little House books.

I am hoping...for the courage to begin working through past issues (again). I make progress, then take a little break from the heavy stuff. Now its time to start processing again.

I am hearing...the hum of the computers, occasional trampoline bouncing from the living room where Toa of Boy is jumping and playing Wii, clicking of the keyboards, and I'm talking on the phone to Telephone.

Around the house...the laundry is all washed and dried, I'll start folding it soon. Coupons from the past few weeks are all cut and half filed. Have I mentioned I want a house cleaning fairy? Ria has offered to come over and help me clean out closets, again. I might take her up on that when we're finished with school.

From the garden....I can grow things! woo hoo! I have half an hour of weeding to do, but the areas I've focused on are doing really well. I've seen a couple of ripe strawberries and I think I'll send Toa of Boy out to pick them tomorrow. my daisies aren't anywhere close to blooming though, maybe they bloom at the end of June.

One of my favorite things...Heggy's hot fudge! I finished off my Christmas supply last week eating it like fondue on strawberries. It is, hands down, the yummiest hot fudge in the world and the only place to get it is Heggy's Ice Cream Parlor in Canton, Ohio. Guess what we'll be picking up this weekend?

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday--laundry, coupons, watch Enterprise with the Jedi
Tuesday--school, grocery shopping, Tae Kwon Do
Wednesday--school, help Telephone finish her scrapbook for her soon-to-be grad
Thursday--Sweetling's birthday. An outing picked by Sweetling (TBD) and spaghetti dinner.
Friday--Toa's birthday. An outing (also tbd) picked by Toa, pack for Canton, chicken alfredo for dinner, then drive to Canton.

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