Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sweetling's 10th Year

Today my Sweetling is eleven. Last night we talked about all the things she did when she was 10.

Last year, on her birthday, we had a rehearsal for Pirates of the I-Don't-Care-ibean. Mommy was in charge and we took cupcakes to share at the end of the rehearsal. Last year, Susan had a cool science birthday party that we held in the big kitchen at church.

In June--
--the I-Don't-Care-ibean performance on Father's Day.
--a trip to Sharon Woods to witness the 17 year cicadas out in droves.
--a trip to Canton for Great-Grandma Rita's birthday and a visit with Uncle Tornado --where trampoline play happened and a game of horseshoes was played.
--the beginning of our home "space camp" and a list of what we wanted to do that summer (most of which got done and so did some cool things that weren't on the list, "like pet an alligator," says Susan.)
--a trip to Young's Dairy Farm where Toa feed a pig and Mommy petted a cow and Sweetling fed goats.
--a dance at church where Sweetling was one of three lovely angels.
--a trip to the sculpture park with Tia Missy. "Look kids, art."
swimming with Pinky and Christopher Robin and assorted families.

In July--
--swimming with Mango and Violet and family.
--the annual picnic for the TKD school.
--musuem trip with Tia Missy and Neta.
--rock hunting trip to a little park along the Miami River.
--VBS of God's Big Backyard. Pinkie came.
--Hamilton County Fair where we watched Violet's horse show (she wound up with the blue ribbon for the all-around Jr Equestrian). We had snow cones and bought ride wrist bands, cause they were only five dollars per child!

In August--
--walk along the Parcours trail with Pinkie and Mango and her family. Sweetling demonstrated her ninja skills for us all.
--school did NOT start as planned due to a serious delay in shipping.
--the Wii came and changed our lives. For two weeks there was a continuous Wii party at our house, which was fine since there was no curriculum for school.

In September--
--still no school at the beginning of September.
--fairy houses were constructed deep in Winton Woods.
--materials finally arrive and the first day of co-op was attended.
--kite flying was attempted at the beginning of the wind front that we later learned was hurricane Ike. Kite-flying was quickly abandoned as we fled for the shelter of home. Power went out and a camp out commenced in the living room. Sweetling and Toa of Boy helped with the immense yard clean up the next day. We got our power back that evening....but many families were without power for a week.
--first day of co-op classes was cancelled because of power outages.

In October
--Ren Fest where Sweetling learned how to wield a pike and march in formation with a pike unit.
--pumpkin patch outing is on a Saturday this year. We ride the church bus up to the pumpkin patch and Daddy is able to join us. Corn maze, little train ride, and straw fight are the highlights. Plus the straw maze and the farmer's market.
--Sweetling is HammerBro for Halloween and Toa is Yoshi. At the trunk and treat in the church parking lot, we decorate the back of our van like a donkey kong jungle.
--zoo trip cause Nora gave us some free passes

to be continued. Right now, we have to get ready to go to the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery for Susan's birthday outing.

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