Monday, May 04, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Procrastinate

Top Ten Reasons to Procrastinate

This is why I procrastinate. Here's my to-do list.
--clip coupons, sort, file
--grocery list for co-op picnic and baby shower on saturday
--print and iron on co-op logos for 3 t-shirts
--clean. doesn't matter what. you name it, it needs cleaned.
--google directions for making a diaper cake
--figure out how to buy everything I need for the shower and still buy, you know, groceries
--find recipes for individual cheese cakes, or give up on that idea and make one big strawberry cheesecake
--enter last weeks receipts into the budget spreadsheet. this step involves creative accounting
--party invitations for 2 children's b-day parties

And for the next two weeks, here's my schedule:
Tuesday--school, grocery shopping, extended dance
Wednesday--school, something important that I'm forgetting--oh yes--make bday party invites, early dance, pass out bday party invites at church, cook pasta for co-op
Thursday--last day of co-op picnic, library, Tae Kwon Do
Friday--school, clean like crazy, bake for baby shower, assemble diaper cake
Saturday--morning dance practice, keep Mama sane, keep me sane, and finish "loose ends" for baby shower, baby shower
Sunday--dance in morning service, realize I've not planned anything special for Mama for mother's day cause I was busy with baby shower stuff,
Monday--school, start the paper mache for Toa of Boy's "Kirby" pinata
Tuesday--put one more layer on the pinata, school, Toa of Boy's speech appointment, grocery shopping, Tae Kwon Do, prep for columbus
Wednesday--rally in Columbus for e charter schools, get home, eat i don't even want to know what for dinner, decorate pinata, pack lunches for zoo field trip
Thursday--zoo field trip for international migratory bird days, and I'm predicted Sweetling will be too tired for Tae Kwon Do which is too bad cause she has a belt test on Saturday
Friday--bake and decorate cakes for two birthday parties, buy pinata stuffers and big bottles of bubble solutions and party favors, host Sweetling's Mario/Wii Slumber Party--which needs rescheduled cause I just realized I double booked that weekend
Saturday--Sweetling tests for her red now I need to go back and reschedule when her slumber party will be, Toa of Boy's Kirby Party at a Park

And in response to all of this, I'm blog surfing.

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