Tuesday, April 13, 2010

House Fire---Needs

I talked to my brother again tonight. (His house burned to the ground just a few days before Easter. Fortunately, no one was at home at the time, so everyone is safe.)

He found a house to rent in the same school district that the kids had been attending and was able to manage a deposit on it. My nieces are in high school, and my nephew is in junior high.

He says that lots of neighbors and the local churches have really come together to bring his family stuff. He says the kids are doing pretty good on clothing right now, and the red cross gave them a cash card which he used to buy things like underwear and shoes for all of them.

Here are the things he still needs:

bowls (like for cereal)
sheets and blankets (for twin, full, or queen mattresses)
drapes and curtains (unknown sizes)
small kitchen appliances (mixer, blender…he has a microwave and toaster)
bakeware (cookie sheets, mixing bowls, mixing spoons…pots and pans and cooking spatulas are covered)

If you have an extra of anything on the list, I’ll be meeting with him this Friday (April 16th). I might also be making a second trip up on the following weekend, but that’s not definite.

I think donations of non-perishable foods, household goods, and cleaning supplies would also be appreciated.

He said they don’t need any silverware and someone already donated plates to them.
He has beds for everyone, but could use some more sheets and blankets so that they have more than one set of sheets for each bed. The mattress sizes they have are 1 twin, 2 fulls, and 1 queen.)

He has a couch, an arm chair, a kitchen table and chair, and dressers for the kids. I didn’t think to ask if he needed any lamps. I asked him for his clothing size, and his girlfriend's clothing size, but he told me they were fine, and not to worry about it.

I know its short notice, but if you have anything you'd like to donate, please bring them with you to church tomorrow night.

Please continue to keep my brother and his family in your prayers!

Thank you so much!

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