Thursday, April 08, 2010

Kindness Countdown: 10 and 11

No, I haven't lost count. I am repeating number 10 on purpose. The doer of a previously confidential reply gave me permission to post hers as long as I wasn't putting any names with it, which I haven't been :) I'm loving all my Birthday Wishes!

So, without further ado, number 10,

I have a friend going through a rough patch in her marriage. It was suggested to her that she do some random acts of kindness of her own for her husband - even when she's not feeling particularly kind towards him at the moment. Some days this is a struggle for her. In honor of your birthday I'm going to give her a copy of The Love Dare to help her with some creative ways to show love to him during this difficult time.

And number 11...

One of my girls from the seventh grade life group came up to me after youth group last night. She said she performed an act of kindness for me and she gave some clothes to Goodwill. Way to go my girl!

Someone else at church asked me if it was "too late" to do an act of kindness for my birthday. Of course not! I'd still like to receive 29 more responses :)

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