Monday, April 05, 2010

Kindness Countdown: 7, 8, 9, and 10

I've been letting some of these pile up in my inbox!

First I like to say Happy Birthay big 40. I just wanted you to know how God had just placed on my heart to do something for someone Sunday; and just as I was walking out the door you give me you card about how you wanted to celebrate your 40th birthday. I was thinking that was right on time. God set me up ! God had me frame a poem he had me come across years ago, to let someone know how special they are in his sight and how much he loves them.

I pray you day is filled with lots of love and happiness.


Here is the candle I am lighting for your cake. The act of encouragement I completed last week was for a co-workers daughter. Over the past year and a half this young lady has become homeless after being caught shop lifting in Western Hills with her 5 year old son and being fired from her job for erratic behavior. She was diagnosed with bipolar illness and her mom (my co-worker) has assumed custody of her 5 year old son.

She on a rare occasion will come to see her mom in the office and looks lost and forlorn. (As a teenager she experimented with lesbianism and sex outside marriage, been beat by her boyfriend, drugs, multiple school changes, etc) I have tried to reach out to her on the rare occasion I get to see her but was not successful before. (Her mom had told me she was depressed and disappointed with herself and felt unlovable.)

I received your card about a week ago. Last week it happened! I went into her mom's office to say hello and she started adoring the bracelet I had on. She told me the history of cats eye stones and why she likes them so much. I then said something like,,, You know what, please understand what I am saying, I love you and I want you to have this. You are special. She said, oh no, you must be kidding this cost too much. I had an opportunity to tell her that it didn't matter the cost, I wanted her to have it and when I feel like I should give someone something I do that. I told her she had a purpose for living and that she is loveable and I wanted to give her something that would bring a smile to her face. She starting smiling and couldn't believe that I was giving her this for no reason. I told her that I also had a matching necklace I would give to her mom to pass along. She hugged me and I told her to smile more often.

Later that week I have her mom the matching necklace. Her mom told me that she ( her daughter) is having a hard time believing she is loveable and this my giving allowed them to have a discussion about love.

I hope you enjoy this act of encouragement and kindness and on for your birthday.

I sure did!

And I had two more reports of acts of kindness, but I was asked to keep both of those completely confidential, so I will.

Update on my brother's house....the kids stayed with their grandma for a few days. They were supposed to go back to school today, but that can't quite happen till they have a new home. (Their grandma lives a little over an hour away from their school.) My brother met with the Red Cross, who gave him a 'cash card' good for purchasing food and some new clothing. He spent Easter weekend trying to find a new place to live, but said it was nearly impossible, because offices and whatnot are all closed for the Easter weekend. He was planning on doing a lot of legwork today to try to line up something.

Mama called and talked to the kids on Easter. We got a list of all their clothing sizes, which I'll be posting soon. I have one friend with teenage boys who is checking to see if they have anything that will fit my nephew. If, anyone else has something they can donate, that would be awesome. Once my brother gets a new place, they will be in need of household items as well (dishes, towels, blankets, etc). My sister might be working on a web-based list, so we can keep track of what they have been given, and what they still need.

Thank you for all your prayers and support!

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