Monday, April 02, 2007

Back to Life, Back to Reality

You know, the next time anyone hears me whining about wanting a break from my life, smack me upside the head.

I had a break from my life for about a week and a half now....AND I WANT MY LIFE BACK!

There. I'm done with my temper tantrum. Almost. Can I just say that getting excited about being able to do laundry and housework again is a *bad* sign. A very bad sign.

I got to clean my kitchen today and pick up a bunch of clutter in the living room and I am thrilled. Its like the Easter Bunny came early :) I can't wait till I get a chance to get some of my laundry in the machines. I'm totally serious. I know I'm often sarcastic, but I swear I'm serious this time!

Spring happened while I was at the hospital with Mom. Literally. I went on a walk in the hospital courtyard on one of the first days I was there, and the ground was bare and the trees had just the faintest of buds on them. I went down with Mom when she was allowed to push her IV into the elevator and go on a short walk. There were daffodils and baby leaves and sunshine and pear blossoms. It was beautiful. It could not have happened in so short a time, but it did.

I spent Saturday morning puttering outside for a little. I cut back the dead growth from last fall and did some early spring weeding. I have to move the strawberry patch though. boo hoo. The strawberry patch is directly off the back patio. Sweetling is very careful to go around the strawberry patch. The worry is that E is for Energy will go THROUGH the strawberry patch on his way to the lawn. Its a valid worry. And the lawn isn't that big, so having that area as lawn space will be better for a little boy to kick a soccer ball around on.

I'm moving the strawberry patch into the butterfly garden. Now, the butterfly garden has been, to date my most successful gardening attempts. I felt like crying as I ripped up the path in preparration for moving things around. It started to rain, and I was sitting in the mud digging up buckets of decorative rocks that were in the path. The Jedi (who had spent the morning changing the oil in the van and car) came around to make sure I had enough sense to stop what I was doing and come in out of the rain. I wouldn't have left to my own devices. Sitting in the mud in the rain digging up rocks fit my mood for most of the past couple of weeks. But I stopped. The Jedi took my trowel and my bucket away from me and put them in the garage. And I did feel much better after a shower.

The plants still need moved. They are already nearly too big to transplant. Spring happens FAST.

Lushgirl tagged me with songs, I think. I'll try to get back to that tomorow. (And hooray for having a tomorrow when I *know* I can sit down and blog.

For now, my little timer has gone off. Fifteen minutes are up. I'm going to go start dinner. (Monkey bread, bacon, eggs and canteloupe).


Vaya The Elf said...

hey glad to see yourhappy...cant wrtite much ...had accindent at work..can only use one just thought i would let u know..

lushgurl said...

Hey Chocolateer, sometimes I have to br alone in my crap befroe I want to make changes!
If you are looking for a garden to transplant into, I may have one- in MY backyard! LOL
Oh, and stay out of the garden in the rain silly, you might melt!!
Love and HUGS