Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tadpoles and Accountants

One of these two things are absolutely adorable and a blessing from God. The other is the embodiment of slow, cruel torture. Can you guess which is which?

I didn't blog on Tuesday. I should know better than to make predictions. You should know better than to believe me.

It was a beautiful day :) We had had a "spell" with mother that morning that was a bit worrisome. But, by the afternoon, she was doing much better. Smurf had come over to be with me and Mom, cause Mom's health was still a bit iffy and she needed someone with her just in case. (The anti-coagulent level in her blood was dangerously high, any bleeding or bruising or signs of spontaneous internal bleeding was cause for an er trip). But, like I said, by the afternoon she was no longer weak or dizzy, and was in fact, pretty perky. I was restless. Smurf wanted to take Sweetling for a walk. Mom wanted to go. I wasn't going to stay cooped up in the house when it was sunny and 80 we took our health frail mother to the local nature preserve. That's right. But, in fairness, its not a 'rugged' nature preserve. It has a paved asphalt path and I had a wheelchair in my van, so we thought we'd go for a walk and let Mom alternately walk and ride when she needed to.

There's a little pond there, and it was *full* of tadpoles. I have never in my life seen so many tadpoles. The pond had a small wooden deck so that we could stand on the deck and lean over the rail to look straight down at the shallow edge of the pond. And that's where all the tadpoles were. Fat tadpoles lazily hovering over the rocks at the bottom of the pond. Every now and then one would slowly swim up to the surface. We who were leaning over the railing decided that they were coming up to say "hi". They were just adorable. I loved them :)

Accounting on the other hand, is a very different story. Mom is taking Financial Accounting and Business Stats. She's not very computer savy, and has trouble getting her homework to format correctly on the computer. She asked if I would type the problems up for her after she worked them out on paper. I thought, hey, I can type and use a computer. I said sure. Foolish mortal that I am. Accounting sucks. Accounting sucks so bad that even excel, which was created to do accounting, hates to format accounting homework problems.

Tadpoles good. Accounting bad.

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lushgurl said...

Hey...I guess if you're comparing tadpoles to accountants, I'd pick the tadpoles too! LOL
I just stopped by to wish (all of) you a very Happy and Peaceful Easter! I hope that it brings lots of new goodies for Sweetling, OK, and her mom too!!!
Love and HUGS