Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Beedy Red Eyes

This is a "collectable" dice game inside the webkinz world. Its a strategy game...you try to knock out your opponent's move dice, defend your own move dice...and at the end of the turn, each player advances...if they have any move dice left.

In this lovely photo, I'm in the process of having my sweet pink bottom handed to me by a tree frog controlled by an eight year old. Notice the beedy red tree frog eye's staring at me in mockery.


Impossible Mom said...

so its Kinda like Wow capture the flag game, but so much more juvinile. Look what you have been reduced to doing in your spare time!?!?

lushgurl said...

I love that you "let" Sweetling beat you...LOL!

Anonymous said...

I hate this dumb "confirm that you are real" thing. I get it wrong. Every time. Its painful, and Im beginning to question my own place in the human race. =(

And ha! Xuans been outwitted by an 8 year old!

Because you know, that was the real point of this comment. ;)

Impossible Mom said...

*looks at missy and wonders who crapped in her cereal ;)*

Oh, and I wanted to add that your doing this instead of titans OR fawn and Richard...how sad. Choosing to be beaten by an 8 year old rather than RP :P

Chocolateer said...

I'm feeling so much love here. At least Lushgirl loves me and is nice to me....maybe because she's never MET me...but hey, desperate people take the love that they can get.