Thursday, April 12, 2007

Me want spring!!!

I don't have a lot of room to complain, cause we don't have snow here...on the other hand...we have cold and mud here. Of the two, snow might be preferable. That would at least give me an excuse to send Sweetling outside to play while I did many productive things....none of them involving Webkinz. ;)

I was going to say that I have nothing to write about, but that's not true. I have plenty to write about. The truth is just that I don't feel like writing.

I want the magic house fairy to come in and clean my house. Or at least pick up and put away all my clutter. I can clean, I can't declutter. No, that's a lie. I can clean, and I don't like to declutter.

And I want chocolate. I should take five minutes and do just a few exercises. Because you know, five minutes of exercising totally negates a chocolate binge, right?

Sweetling is dressing herself out of clothes in "buckets". I had, several weeks ago, put away all her winter clothes and put out all her summer clothes. The Jedi, in his wisdom, didn't take the large storage tubs out to the garage just yet. Which is good, cause he'd have been bringing them back in from the garage a week after I packed everything up. Now Sweetling is living out of two plastic storage tubs till the weather changes back to what its *supposed* to be.

We put on music after devotions this morning and got 15 mintues of cleaning done. We did a five minute room rescue in the school room. We got math and some history done. We're having egg salad for lunch. I lit candles to bring some more cheer in...but there's still a distinct lack of cheer and enthusiasm over here.

Nonetheless, I'm being a good little girl and staying home to do school and housework instead of giving up and heading to Christopher Robins house. My reward for being good is that I get to stay home and do school and housework.

I need to pick a better reward? Do I want to reward myself this afternoon with Buffy, Malcolm, or webkinz?


lushgurl said...

You are too cute! want chocolate too, but that would mean I'd actually have to dress and leave the nice warm house to go out in the rain/wet snow mix that we have received instead or spring!!!
At least your bloogy is looking very spring-like!
love and HUGS

Impossible Mom said...


And it was sad that you missed us yesterday. But I'm glad you were responsible and horrified about the webkins ordeal...scary scary toys!

I get to see you like a TON this weekend though, since I see you this morning and evening and tomorrow evening!

The Maven said...

Ooooh, I also want chocolate. However, I'm slightly lactose intolerant and it's now after midnight. I don't think that would be a good thing to do. I'll let you have some for me instead.

When your housecleaning fairy has come by, can she stop over here? Please? Because I really don't feel like cleaning up anything right now.

And besides, the baby's awake...