Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ding, dong, the list is here...

It does *so* work as a title. You just weren't trying hard enough.

Sweetling's birthday: May12th
party favors
guest list

Energy's room: ?
sort clothes, fill drawers
paint fish
figure out what IS that STUFF on the shelf of his closet
comforter for bed
scrape vaya's stickers off the windows
items for shower: car seat, big wheel, baby monitor?, church clothes

Sewing projects:
flower girl dress
my dress
1850's outfit?
-find patterns (Simplicity 3987)
-buy fabric and notions
-shop around for dress for me so I don't have to sew one

Vaya's wedding: May 19th
procure tableclothes (9 round and 2 rectangular)
beg and borrow glass bowls (8)
buy floating candles (8)
buy ivy 3 runners, 8 circles
get plates, utensils, etc- 60 people
plan menu with Mollie
drinks, coolers, ice
outdoor seating arrangements (Christopher Robinnn....)

The Jedi's scrapbook

Girls' Dance May 7th
--figure out where in the world I put the CDs
--hem sashes
--borrow streamers from Guappa

-get list from NiceLady of needed items
-get said list to Office Jewel
-pack medicine bag (sounds so tribal)
-list of materials for plane ride
-get second Hep B shot (ooops, hope the first one is still valid)
-disposable cameras
-get vacation fish feeder
-ask neighbor to grab mail

--darn schedule
--Sweetling handwriting
--summer reading list

--move strawberry patch
--reseed lawn
--mulch under swings

--rename and save photos


Ok. I'm stopping now. I was excited when I sat down to make my list...but I can sense myself turning sarcastic. So I'll stop now. I have BIG news to share though. I put it last as a special treat for everyone who loved me enought to read trough my list....

Energy's adoption case has been approved by the Guatemalan government! Hooray! We'll all be flying to Guatemala to get him at the end of May, beginning of June sometime. Woo and HOO!

I'm editing this entry and greying things out as I get them done.


lushgurl said...

Yes, even tho you think baseball is boring (and even tho you're wrong) I am here to visit your blog!
It sounds like a lot of great and exciting things are happening for you, a wedding (your sister?) AND the finalization of E is for Energys' adoption!!! YES WOOOO HOOOO's are in order!
I am so very happy for you, that is one very lucky little boy to be calling you mommy...
love and HUGS to all of you

Vaya The Elf said...

No I am no Sister

Impossible Mom said...

Outdoor seating arrangements? Is this like a chart or something? I mean, where outdoor? OK, call me and i'll help you with something to do with arrangements. *laughs*

Can't wait for a 4th 4 year old!

Vaya The Elf said...

So I get brother. About time! lol
just kidding

Anyways don't worry to much about the wedding for I can do the plates/ silver wear if you like and if you need me to help you with any thing you listed let me know.