Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cleaning out my Yahoo mail

It isn't on the list, but the laundry is nearly caught up. and anyway, I have to hang out in the school room to help Sweetling not get distracted.

Anyway, I came across a Cranium "newsletter" (read graphic advertisement with a code for free shipping that's already expired.) And, being the productive, non-sucker that I am, I click on the link for their new blog site.

I read...

she asked him a couple days ago how stoplights changed color, he asked her to put forth her theory.

“I can think of three things that make stoplights change colors,” he said. “Can you tell me what any of those might be?”

“People can push the button …” she said.

“And?” Adam asked.

Lucy paused for a moment before answering.

“Gnomes?” she suggested.

And Sweetling (remember, I'm in the room so that she doesn't distract herself from school) immediately begins drawing me a possible circuit for the interior of traffic lights. Then we went on to read about the gnomes together.

Hey Vaya, check out the dress I found for me for your wedding. Go me. I should post this as an image so Christopher Robin gets to see it. No, nevermind, I need to beg her for favors. I shall not tease her with dresses.


Vaya The Elf said...

Looks very elf like

Impossible Mom said...

no, I didn't look at the dress... but your favor for me today means I owe you, so what do you need?

A Chance Wynd said...

Pretty dress :) That you wearing it?? Looks like you...but well, ya never know...Looks like something Celeste would wear *ebil grin*