Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1930's wife

Now, I would maintain that the very fact that I'm horsing around taking quizzes on the computer rather than doing the laundry, cutting and sorting the coupons, or helping Toa of Boy hang his artwork, would mean that I'm definitely not a 1930's wife. Nonetheless...


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

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But it brings up the question, if you were born in any era other than this one, which era do you feel would be your best fit? I wouldn't pick the 30's. I would never have handled the Great Depression. Assuming that our family was reasonably well off, I think I could have handled the Victorian Era. If we had a housekeeper, and my only responsibility was to be a wife and a mother and to socialize with friends, yeah, yeah, I could have done that.

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Anonymous said...

My quiz results left me as a "Very Poor (Failure)" of a 1930's wife. This is unsurprising. And given that my economical thrift yesterday was "I will only buy ONE pair of new shoes, even though I want three"--the depression would probably be a bad place for me too. To be fair, the shoes I did buy, I have NOTHING LIKE THEM (David disagrees. He thinks one pair of heeled black boots makes a second pair of (TOTALLY DIFFERENT) heeled black boots superfluous, but Gordon is totally on my side) ;P.

The shoe note was really just a stalling tactic while I frantically search my not-yet-caffeinated brain for a time period where I would fit. Do I have to be a woman in this other time? Because that severely limits my choices. I feel anachronistic as it is.

So Im sort of subverting your question and cheating a little. If you can skip back a few hundred years to the Victorian era, I'm skipping forward a few hundred into the great unknown. Progress baby, progress. ;)