Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mango's Fault

I had a dream last night which I am absolutely blaming on Mango. The blame is well placed.

So, in my dream, bread was on sale at Meijer's for 6 cents a loaf. I was freaking out, because I had just bought bread at Bigg's for $1.79 a loaf. Seriously, in my dream, I was beside myself. The remainder of the dream was spent trying to convince the Jedi that we needed to buy a freezer so that I could buy and freeze many loaves of 6 cent bread. We had this huge debate over how we could clean out the laundry room to fit a freezer in there.

Is that not the absolute height of patheticness?

Totally Mango's fault.

In other news, you can tell that school has started again, because here I sit sharing my lame dream with the world wide web while I wait for Sweetling to finish a math skills update.

Also, scotch tape does not stick to dust covered surfaces.

Aren't you glad I have time at the computer again?


Anonymous said...

I AM so happy you have time on the computer again. I was delighted to check since you told me you would be writing again and I saw THREE posts I had not read. I did feel it was a quality reason to stay up past my bedtime.

So how now do I sign this? Would you bestow a name on me? That would be really cool. I assume from my previous comment you already know who I am, but I roomed with you at Women of Faith this year...

Chocolateer said...

Dear Anonymous,

(Ok, I just couldn't resist the temptation of starting out a 'letter' with 'Dear Anonymous' as a salutation. You already knew I was weird.)

although I would like to pretend that I am all-powerful, the truth is that I am not. Which really is a good thing. A very, very good thing. Now one would really want to live in a world run by the Chocolateer. Well, maybe Willy Wonka would, but most sane people wouldn't. So, while I can assign you a blog name that I refer to you as if I'm writing about you, I can't give you a blog name that blog spot would recognize for the purposes of replying to posts.

What Blog Name would you pick for yourself? Cause now inquiring minds want to know. (I had a name that immediately leapt to mind for you...but now I want to know what you would call yourself before I share my idea.)

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... yes, I would like you to assign me a name that leapt to your mind. This is the only place I have ever responded to a blog that I can think of, so what you would refer to me as would be good. I do not have a name, nor can I think of one. It is a very sad situation. I am somehow afraid to try to do this, you know I do have issues - I am not quite sure who I am or at least am still afraid to admit it even to myself. For some reason your assigning the name means a lot to me... regardless of what it is. If left to my own devices I would make my head spin for months before arriving at a conclusion... and this isn't even a big decision! Please share what came to mind!!!

Chocolateer said...

Well, the first name that popped to my mind when you asked me was...

*drum roll please*


Insight said...

Wow, I love it and will receive that. I feel like one of those knights that has been dubbed with a sword on the shoulder by the king with this naming. My computer would not let me on (busy network) until now, but I have been greatly anticipating your response. Alas, you may not control the world, but you do have great influence. :-)

Now I just have to find out how to make it sign this like that...