Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quick Update

1. I had a nasty cold. Despite my protests that colds should not be permitted in the summer time, this one pretty much wiped me out and made me useless for the weekend.

2. I loved all the responses and the scriptures I received from my last post. Though, of all the scripture verses, the one that most spoke to me started with "After seventy years and not a day before..." Now, I had heard the promise of that verse many, many times. I love that verse. "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future." BUT, I had never read, or paid attention to the first half of the verse. God had called that verse to mind when I was struggling, but I didn't receive it gracefully. I didn't see how or what God's plan could have been in my circumstances, and it certainly didn't seem like a hopeful, prosperous plan, whatever it was. But, "after seventy years and not a day before," I needed reminding that God's plan includes God's timetable. If we want the plan, we have to accept the timetable as well. So it was the phrase, "after seventy years and not a day before," that I found myself repeating and meditating on when I got discouraged.

3. I spent the morning writing out the first half of a children's sermon. Its long, so it might be a two part sermon. I might use it in children's church, I might not, but I'm really getting into the subject matter. It comes from First Chronicles, of all places, and its about the ways and kinds of worship. I'm considering posting parts of it here, as I finish them, but it is very long. Very. Long.

4. We read Cinderella this week for Toa of Boy’s language arts. Today’s lesson plan said to pick a favorite scene and act it out. Toa of Boy picked the scene where the fairy godmother changes the pumpkin into a coach, the mice into horses, etc. Acting out this scene quickly turned into Toa of Boy chasing Sweetling through the house while waving a magic wand and yelling “Bippity Boppity Boo!”

5. I've tried adding stuff to my blog. The slide show isn't really sliding or showing. I'm going to have to break down and the Jedi for help. I also added links to some of the blogs I found reading the Homeschool Memoirs Assignment. There were TONS of really neat blogs, but I tried to restrain myself and only add a few. I discovered I really like reading the homesteading blogs. Mind you, I am not, and never will be, a homesteader. I am a sissyfied city girl through and through. I can't even grow sunflowers or marigolds. The only potato dish I can conquer is instant mashed, and my idea of from scratch recipes starts with a can of soup or a box mix. But I really love reading about the women who can and do take a homesteading approach to life. (The Oregon Trail and the western pioneers are my favorite period of history as well.) I think reading the homesteading blogs lets me experience the joys of homesteading, without all that work ;)

6. Haven't read the new assignment for today. Not going to until tomorrow. We're heading to the library this afternoon, and they have "Yellow Rose Bride" on hold for me. So, you know no blogging is happening till after I've read my book. The Jedi is going to order "Hearts West" for me from Amazon. I've had this story idea kicking around in my head, and now I need to do reading about the time periods and the circumstances. No, I'm not going to write my story down, that comes back to the 'work' deal that I'm avoiding. But I am enjoying doing the research and the daydreaming for the story.

7. Now I'm off to bake brownies (box mix) to take to church tonight. Then lunch, library, and going to Telephone's house to watch "Camp Rock". Telephone's daughter invited us over for the movie. Telephone's Daughter needs her own blog name. Hmm.....

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