Friday, August 01, 2008


I'm never a huge fan of mornings. Yes, sunrise and birdsongs are beautiful, but do they have to happen so early? yesterday (Thursday...since I won't be publishing this today), I got up at seven (give or take 10 minutes...which means, in my case, give, always give). But despite my earnest desire to be out the door by 10, we weren't out the door till 10 till 11. Where did the morning go? I don't know.

This is my attempt to find out.

Friday 6:10. Woke up. Had to pee. (The only thing that would actually motivate me to get out of bed. Came upstairs. Had to wait for the bathroom to be open. Those of you with multiple bathrooms can't understand this phenomena. While waiting cleaned off kitchen whiteboard. Pee'd. Doctored my hand because the tiny puncture wound I got climbing a tree at VBS last night looked red and oozy. yes, yes, you did need to know that detail. Doctoring the wound involved finding the box of bandaids in the pile of CVS and Walgreens bags lumped on the floor of the living room after yesterday's grocery trip. Wrote this.

6:32-6:40 Resist desire to go back to bed. Instead write out weekend to do list on newly cleaned whiteboard. List goes like this....
---put away groceries...F
---make and do Sunday checklist...F, then Sun
---pack bag for food pantry...F
---sort Sweetling's fall clothes...Sun
---buy Ninja's b-day present...F
---go to Meyer...F
---clip and sort coupons...Sun
---finish letter to Mme Presidente...F
---send photos to winkflash and order...ha ha
---August budget...F

6:40-6:49 Why is keeping the Sabbath the only one of the ten commandments I just don't prioritize enough to keep regularly. It shouldn't be a hard one. Especially for me. C'mon, a divinely mandated day off? Woo hoo! I should have no problem, no problem, keeping *that* one. And yet, every weekend, there's just this one project that *has* to be done on Saturday. Looking over my list to see what can get done on Friday (ha ha) and what can get dune on Sunday. Editing list. How realistic is it? Not at all. Not at all Sam-I-Am. I need a friend to whom I can give the blog name Sam-I-Am.

6:49- 7:33 Bathroom is open again. Going to get a shower.

7:33-- 7:36 Got a shower. Got dressed. Put my hair in a pony tail. Redoctored my hand, because, of course, the bandaid came off in the shower. And, of course, I had to go dig the box of bandaids out of the pile of plastic bags in the living room (again.) This time I wised up and put the bandaids in the bathroom medicine chest. Very hungry. Debating between sitting down with breakfast and devotions and getting some groceries unpacked. Going to opt for the groceries. Maybe I'll set my timer for 15 minutes. FlyLady would be proud. I'm even dressed to my socks and shoes.

7:53-- Got 5 of 6 paper bags in the kitchen put away in the downstairs pantry. Started packing a bag for the food pantry as I went. Sweetling's awake. Thinking of turning on the AC. It's already hot. We're going to be gone for most of the day, but if I don't turn on the AC now, the house is going to be *sweltering* by the time we get home. The AC will never catch up. Closing windows, turning on AC. Then having breakfast and doing devotions.

8:17--8:19 Didn't have breakfast. Instead closed windows, turned on AC and set the timer for 15 minutes. Got dishwasher unloaded and mountain of dishes in sink in dishwasher. Put pots and pans in to 'soak' b/c decided it was just too difficult to wash them without getting my right hand wet. Cleared off counter and wiped down stove and counter. Told Sweetling she couldn't read her book on the brain till after her morning list was done. Mean mommy. Doing breakfast now.

8:49--Had breakfast. Made little guy breakfast. Going to read Little Guy's devotions to him now.

8:58--Ready to go back to bed now. :( Really going to put breakfast dishes in dishwasher, brush my teeth, and start packing lunches.

Yeah, well, Mango called at about ten after nine. We managed to get out of the driveway at 9:33. I wanted to be leaving at 9:20 at the latest. Not bad. Not great.

Its 10:16 now, and we've pretty much been gone all day. I'm exhausted and I'm going to eat an eggroll. I can't check a single thing off my "get done Friday" list. Oh, oh, no, I bought the birthday present.

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