Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Memoir Assignment

If I were cool, I could make the picture a link back to the original assignment. If I were cool. Woo hooo!!!! I am not cool....but Sweetling is!!!!!

Today is not a good day for me to write a little bit about myself. I'm really struggling today with a pretty large, looming issue. If you scroll back a few blog posts, you'll find one titled "Character of God." (I'm not cool, but I can be taught...look how I even linked that for you.) I'm really wrestling with trusting in God's plan, knowing that He has a plan, even when things look a mess. There's a situation that I can't explain here in this blog that I just...grrr...I just want to lay down and have a little temper tantrum about it.

Before I ate lunch today, I put in a video of some worship dance, and that calmed me down enough to eat and then to be cheerful and positive enough to do school. I need a scripture verse that I can just recite over and over again. But even more than that, I need to receive the scripture verse.

I get on Toa of Boy's case when he keeps whining or arguing after what he wants, when I've tried first to gently explain why he can't have it, then firmly state why he can't have it, until it just gets to a point when I say "enough, cut it out already". But I'm doing the same thing in this circumstance. I'm like an incessant toddler. I've passed the "But why? why? why?" stage and am now in the foot stomping and pouting stage.

If you have a good scripture, and wouldn't mind leaving it for me, that would be a blessing. (Your reply won't show up immediately, cause I've got moderate comments turned on, but I'm desperate, so I'll check back this evening and get the comments read and up.)

Normally, when I'm not having a battle of wills with the Almighty, I'm a rather laid-back, bubbly person. I definitely fall into the "free-spirit" category. I would have made a great hippie in the 70s ;) I like creative projects. I like unique approaches to life. I don't like schedules, and I struggle with punctuality. I love art, works of fiction, praise dance, daydreaming, and starting many projects. God has placed me under the care of a husband who loves my tender nature, understands and cherishes my playfulness, and is great at managing all the details of life that I detest dealing with. He is very organized, and he thrives on schedules, completion, and predictability. He has his degree in chemistry and is now working as a computer programmer. I call him "The Jedi" in my blog...both for his love of Star Wars and because he is my Knight Protector.

God has blessed us with three children. Our oldest is "Vaya", who is our foster daughter and came to us when she was 15. She's married now and is out on her own, and tells me the only grandchildren I will ever have through her are her two parrots. (Let me tell you how much the lizards *don't* count.) Her blog name, "Vaya", comes from the name of an elf character. She loves fantasy (as do I). Vaya homeschooled with us through her highschool years, using whatever curriculum I could get my hands on that might interest her.

Sweetling, ours by birth, is the reason I am not firmly in the ranks of the unschooling community. Sweetling is like a cloned copy of the Jedi. For Sweetling's sake, we follow a highly structured, extremely traditional, advanced academic curriculum (K-12). Sweetling is in her 'fifth' grade year, but in her second year of pre-algebra. Let me restate that the curriculum is chosen for the student, and not for the mommy. I knew I was in for a long haul at the beginning of her 'second grade' year. I opened her 4th grade math textbook, and the thing was full of nothing but math! Where were the cute bunny cartoons? Where were the fluffy chicks? Who wanted to do pages of long division without some cute little drawing breaking the monotony of the yucky math? Sweetling did, that's who.

Toa of Boy is starting his kindergarten year. We're using the same curriculum program that Sweetling uses. This time I actually get to do the kindgergarten work. Sweetling pretty much skipped over that. The kindergarten curriculum is very hand's on, manipulitve based. That appeals to both Toa of Boy and his playful mother. We can totally sit down and play with blocks for math. Bring it on :) Toa of Boy is named for his love of his bionicles, his "all boy" nature, and his constant supply of energy. We brought Toa of Boy home from Guatemala at the end of May 2007. He completely changed our family dynamic, but its now strange to remember a time when Toa of Boy wasn't here.

I started homeschooling with my brother and sister when Sweetling was just a toddler. It was a concept that the Jedi and I had already been discussing as a possibility when Sweetling grew older. I have my degree in teaching, and I quit working to stay home once Sweetling was born. We knew we didn't want Sweetling in the regular public school, because we wanted our faith to be a central part of her education. When she was an infant, it seemed silly for me to go back to work later in order to pay the tuition for her to go to a private Christian school. I would be getting paid to teach other children so that I could turn around and pay someone to teach my own. (Then, when Sweetling was reading books independently before she was three, there was no way I could stick her in *any* kindergarten classroom where they were just learning the alphabet.)

As the Jedi and I were casually discussing our options, my sister, Smurf, began having problems in the public high school. After a great deal of discussion, I took on homeschooling Smurf and Baby Brother (who was going into third grade.) Vaya got thrown into that mix a couple of years later. So, for one crazy year, I had two teenagers and a preteen and a preschooler. Though, to be fair, Smurf unschooled herself, and that worked wonderfully for everyone involved. Then Smurf moved on to terrorize professors at the University level, which she is still doing. Vaya got a job and began taking on-line classes for certification as a veterinary assistant. And Baby Brother went back to the public middle school. (I still don't have peace about that one.) Sometime during those transitions, I started the formal curriculum with Sweetling, who just ate it up and clamored for more.

Were joining a curriculum based co-op this year, and I'm pretty pumped up about that. I get to teach the fifth grade composition class *BIG GRIN*. At one of their orientation meetings, the leaders were remarking about how the mothers that used the k-12 curriculum tended to be ones who liked structure and order and so their co-op always ran smoothly. I'm going to be a whirlwind blowing through their tidy little world. But I think I'll be forgiven, because composition is not going to be a drudgery anymore. Over my dead body is composition going to be an onerous chore.

Reading back over what I've written, I've decided that today was, after all, the perfect day to write about myself. I feel so much more at peace now than when I first started writing. I'm still really looking forward to some great scripture verses, so please share some!


Anonymous said...

Love your entry! I am looking forward to getting to know you!


ps-I don't have any scripture for you, but please know that I am praying for you!

Renee said...

Nice to meet you! Great post.


Jody said...

Nice to meet you. I have my memoir up too about homeschooling :). Nice to get to know you a bit :).

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah 29:11 (The Message)
10-11This is God's Word on the subject: "As soon as Babylon's seventy years are up and not a day before, I'll show up and take care of you as I promised and bring you back home. I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

SuzyScribbles said...

OK, how about one of my favorites?
Phil 1:6-
"He who began a good work in you WILL be faithful to complete it."

It ain't over til it's over. Or as Anne of Green Gables would say,
"Each day is fresh, with no mistakes in it." Yet.

I loved your post. I don't usually have the patience to read long posts (or long, boring books with tons of description. The action, please. And plenty of it), but your post was a delight. I think your students will have a wonderful time in co-op comp class this year.
I, too, am teaching writing at the local homeschool co-op. I'm actually getting $$$ for it. Gasp! Choke! Cough! Amazing! For YEARS I did homeschool co-ops as a ministry. But the tide, indeed, has just changed for the better. LOL

Anonymous said...

How 'bout my favorite verse: "If God is for us, who can be against us?" Found in Romans...I believe chapter 8...verse is in the 30s somewhere. I'm too lazy to go look it up for you at the moment.
Well, Classmate, looks like we just might get along. Know this since you married someone like me...'cept the chemistry and the computer and the knight part. Someone like you drives me bonkers. How does your husband do it? LOL.
Great read. Looking forward to reading more. Thanks for stopping to comment on my blog. And, no, don't expect all (or any more) of my entries to be coherent thoughts. I had a rare hour to myself VERY early this morning. Oh, the bliss.
Many Blessings,

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this would be helpful, but I've been reading Job and I got to chapter five last week and it really encouraged me.

This is my favourite verse that I find very promising and comforting..
“Since the beginning of time, no one has heard, no one has perceived, no eye has seen a God like you who acts on behalf of those who wait on Him.” ~Isaiah 64:4


Sherry said...

Great to meet you! Praying for God's comfort, strength, and wisdom.

Have a great homeschool year!

Knights & Fair Maiden Academy said...

Great entry!!! Glad I stopped by. I think we all have those days where we cant' see where God is leading us and tend to want to throw a temper tantrum ;) I have had plenty of those days but the Lord is merciful and gracious and gets me to see where he is coming from and I fall into line. The blessings that follow though make me so happy to be obedient. I hope you have a great weekend.

Dana said...

Ah! Writing does help, doesn't it? I loved your post. Very witty and newsy. Maybe you'd like to read about me:

SuzyScribbles said...

Thank you! I went back to the HM to find you, but AUGH! Nearly 100 Mr. Linky names blurred before my eyes, and I had no idea how you had signed it. LOL
So I'm glad you came back and gave me a clue.
I should link you as a friend if we are going to keep "meeting" like this. LOL

Actually, my writing workshop is for the kids, but moms can do them too. I've had adults buy the print book (all the lessons) for themselves at various times. So feel free to join up and have a good time. The writing exercises are great if you want to try your hand at fiction. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is going to be SO much fun messing with you. And, thank you for returning to my blog; I laughed so hard I was reminded that I really need to get on those Kegel exercises.

Many Blessings,

MrsMomma said...

Nice to meet you!

Nancy said...

Hi nice to meet you. I do have something I can leave for you here that may help- 2 posts...that have benefited others who are also going through things:)

And.... just possibly....