Friday, July 09, 2010

Christopher Robin and Facebook Friday

No, those don't go together. But in true Me fashion, I'm sticking both of them in this post anyway.

I went bowling today (look, a third topic) and a friend asked me what sort of responses I was getting to my scheduling dilemma. (On a forth unrelated topic, I'm such a pathetic speller, spell check can't even offer any helpful suggestions on some of my misspelled words.) Speaking of pathetic, I am, in fact, the Gutter Ball Queen. I did moderately well the first game, scoring 100....which for me is reason to celebrate. The next game I bowled four gutterballs in a row, plus a few others here and there, to score a dazzling 65. Sweetling bowled one strike and three spares during her second game for a score of 116. Toa got three spares during his second game for a score of 94.

But, one of the other moms asked me about my scheduling. I shared with the other moms the idea of project week, which I was seriously considering. But, we don't do school year round, and I would have a mutiny on my hands if I took away summer vacation. And I shared that my friend Christopher Robin called and chatted with me for an hour, and then put together an excel spreadsheet for all the stuff I was at a loss about. It was requested that I post the spreadsheet, so I am. Check out this follow through. Click on the image if the blog column cuts some of it off.

And now for the Facebook Friday part of my post, cause I'm self-absorbed this way.

July 3rd

Make a commitment to read and discuss the Declaration of Independence with your family this weekend. Also, check out the prayer of the First Continental Congress

July 4th
What color do I want to paint my toenails today? Sadly, I have red polish, but no white or blue polish.

Tuesday, July 6th
I'll take good music and a little movement over caffeine any morning, thanks :)

Thursday, July 8th
Eswin is vacuuming the living room, hallway, and his bedroom all by himself. He's very excited to get to run the vacuum cleaner...which makes me wonder, what else can I get him excited about doing?

Thursday, July 8th
Hmmm...dishes done, kitchen clean, house vacuumed (thanks to Eswin), laundry all done and folded. I'm caught up on B90 and I read a children's novel today. (Curdie and the Princess by George MacDonald). I have about 45 minutes. I could sort coupons, clean out the Bermuda Triangle under the stairs, ...OR???

Friday, July 9th
Lo, I am Queen of the Gutter Balls.

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