Thursday, July 01, 2010

Facebook Friday

yes. It's Thursday, not Friday.

But I just ordered my curriculum (well some of it) for next year. And I need something to keep me from second guessing myself.

Here's what I ordered--Exploring Countries and Cultures from My Father's World. I ordered the basic package and tacked on extra student pages, an extra passport, an extra sticker book and Writing a Country Report and World Facts and Landmarks flashcards. This is our core curriculum and should include Bible, history/geography/social studies, science for Toa, reading, art, and music.

I already have a Exploring Creation with Biology for Sweetling. (I found a 1st edition at a used curriculum sale for $10.) My math goal for Sweetling this year is to reawaken her enjoyment and enthusiasm for math. So we're reading Asimov on Numbers and I picked up a couple fun looking math puzzle books to reengage her creativity. We're finishing up last year's vocabulary from classical roots book, and then we'll order the next book in the series. Tia Smurf doesn't know this yet, but she's going to help me come up with an answer key for both books, cause I'm not shelling out the extra dough for a teacher's edition. I still need to track down a Writing Strands 5. And at some point during the year, we'll order a couple of literature study guides from Progeny Press.

For Toa, I've already got (again, at a used curriculum sale) Singapore Math 2A and 2B. We'll be doing a lot of read alouds together in addition to a daily guided reading time (using library books) and a daily journal/free writing sentence. I'll be ordering the first of the Sequential Spelling series at the beginning of next month. In addition to the hands-on projects in our main curriculum, Toa wants to learn about animals. So we'll be using library books to study animals that live in the countries we're covering in our core curriculum. He's also picked out some animal workbooks at a used curriculum sale and he found My Nature Journal at the same used curriculum sale. Also, he wants to learn cursive, so I'm ordering Cursive Handwriting from Handwriting without Tears.

Sweetling's taking Jewish dance, Beginning Guitar, Discovering Artists, and Introduction to Sign Language at co-op. Toa is taking Country Studies, Exploring Science, Gym, and Art at co-op.

That covers everything, right? So I can stop fretting over this and go to bed, right?

Oh, but first, for my own amusement...

June 4
Lunch today, a salad of fresh greens from my garden and a slice of beef brisket. Why? Because I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and, dog gone it, people like me. :)

June 5
Two used curriculum sales, spent a total of $60, $19 of it on two books that I don't need after all, but saved $65 off of the totoal cover price for three books which I do I'm still up overall, right?

June 6
So, who's going to which daytime VBS's this year? We're looking for some VBS's to visit!

June 6
Tomorrow morning we are hitting the Parcours Trail in Winton Woods if anyone wants to join us. We are planning on getting there between 9:30 and 10. Give me a call on my cell if you can make it. (PM me if you need my cell phone number.) Wear exercise clothes and bring a water bottle.

June 8
you can offer me some cheese to go with my whine. Woke up at 2:40 am, was awake till 4:20 am. woke up at 7am. Got out the box of 12 hr decongestants and a glass of water. Sat down at the table, flipped open Susan's biology book....and couldn't remember if I actually took the darn pill or not. So now....risk a double dose or just be miserable and wonder?

June 8
Ok, second question of the day. I'm working on Susan's biology lesson plans. i have her biology text book, questions, labs, study guides, and tests all broken down into 148 lessons....which is about 8 more lessons than i really want. I counted it out, and we would have exactly 148 days of school in our school year (not... including co-op days.) So, should I leave well enough alone?

June 9
What can I serve with my homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to make them a nutritious breakfast item? Ah....canteloupe!

June 10
I need new shorts. I don't want to pay more than $5-$7 a pair. Suggestions?

June 10
Shame on all y'all who told me to go to Good Will. You should have just offered me some crack cocaine while you were at it. it would have been just as addicting. The only reason I got out of there at a reasonable time tonight was because the store closed at 8:30. I got home with 8 purchases....and realized not a single... one of them was the shorts I went into the store for!

June 11
I'm on the road and I forgot my B90 bookmark. Can someone tell me what todays reading is?

June 17
2 gripes tonight. 1-two days w/o internet cause Duke couldn't make an 8 hr maintenance window. 2-why does a mail-order flower co think that badly photoshopped images sells plants?

June 18
I have nothing to note today....except that after my shower this morning, I noticed one of the living room chairs covered with paper towels. When questioned, one child admitted that the chair had "accidentally" been squirted with a super soaker.

June 19
The cure for spending too much time out in the sun is double chocolate chip ice cream from Graeters. Its a well known medical fact.

June 20
Could someone please tell me how and why I keep finding bits of hot pink feathers stuck to my black pants? There is no item in our house which has any form of hot pink feathers, and yet, here they are all over my pants.

June 20
Parcours trail in Winton Woods Monday sometime between 9:30 and 10. Call my cell in the morning if you're coming.

June 21
The shady trees along the parcours trail provide releif from the sun, but not from the humidity or the mosquitoes. We did the short trail, and I think today was our last trip of the summer. On to air conditioned bowling!

June 21
spent a little while today trapped in a walmart with no power. We played I spy while we waited for the storm to pass so we could go out to our van and go home.

June 23
What can I make for dinner that doesn't involve an oven or a grill? I have ground beef and some chicken. Eswin is voting for ice cream sundaes for dinner. If I had any Heggy's hot fudge sauce, I'd totally serve up ice cream sundaes for dinner.

June 24
Why did I say I liked summer? It's too hot to do any of our fun field trips. If I had my curriculum already, we'd do school through July and August, then take the month of September off to play and have fun outside.

June 24
Ok. I take back my whiney post. It actually isn't too bad today. We went to Farbarch Warner Nature Preserve and found a red mulberry tree to climb. (After all, I had to do something to distract my kids from their plot to kidnap the sweet baby Katie-pillar we visited with this morning.)

June 25
I just did irreparable damage to the bottom four inches of my hair. Now, to grab the scissors or not to grab the scissors....that is the question.

June 26
Caught up on my B90 reading. :) It's too hot today to talk the kids into another letterboxing adventure. The Jedi is helping a friend with yard work. What else can I do with my Saturday?

June 26
Ah, disillusionment. I just got my Neilson scanner in the mail. I logged into their members only section to see how many points I could earn, and how many points the items in their reward catelog are worth. (Cause that's how they compensate their home panelists.) If I scan my grocery and other purchases every week, I'l...l earn 14,300 points my first year. A lousy dual charging station for the wii motes-32,000 points.

June 27
One should not attempt a super-glue repair od a church strap while in the car on the way to church. See, I do have *some* sense. (Apparently, one should also not attempt to facebook on one's phone in the car on the way to church. That sentence should read 'One should not attempt a super-glue repair of a purse strap...' See how much more sense that makes?)

Monday, June 28
True confessions of a slacker....I only skimmed the first 9 chapters of Chronicles. Nine chapters of geneologies was a bit much for me.

Tuesday, June 29
The sell by date on the end of this can of crecsent rolls reads 20JUN10F22. How would you interpret that?

Tuesday, June 29
Second food question of the day: I'm sick of packed lunches and of pb&j. We have to pack lunches twice this week. What can I pack that isnt a sandwich? (I do have two more rolls of crescent rolls that I need to bake soon.)

Thursday, June 30
you know, i'm pretty sure i've never done anything to deserve such scorn from my computers.

Thursday, June 30
This is a feelings based conversation. I'm about to order $320 dollars worth of curriculum, and I just need someone to tell me that they are sure I'm making the right choice.

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