Saturday, July 17, 2010

Facebook Friday

Yes, I know its really Saturday. Too bad. Today is my day to do whatever I want. Neeener, neener.

Friday, July 9th, 5:24pm
I finished EVERY SINGLE ONE of the items on my to-do list today before five AND I went bowling. As a reward, I should get lots of chocolate. Instead, I'm going to a Children's Ministry meeting at church. There better be chocolate at the meeting. (Hear that, oh organizers? The Xuan needs chocolate.) In other news, do I ...want to know what the cold wet spot on my living room carpet is?

Saturday, July 10th, 10:11am
the Jedi is at a bbq contest today. I was going to go to Pioneer Days at the Sharon Woods Historic Village but its hot and I'm feeling lazy. I therefore declare today Chick Flick Day. I'm goiong to go get The Time Traveler's Wife from Blockbuster.

Saturday, July 10th, 12:21pm
And the blue ray player, like all technology, hates me. Now we're watching Jackie Chan in the Spy Next Door instead of Mommy's chick flick.

Sunday, July 11th, 2:22pm
My most talented computer related accomplishment this week....pressing the power button with my big toe.

Sunday, July 11th, 3:29pm
I bet we're one of the few families that have "colored duck tape, green and blue" on our general school supply list. Though, Christopher Robin might also have blue duck tape on her list, cause she has the same trampoline in her living room that we do.

Monday, July 12th, 10:30am
I can run up to walmart, be back before eight, and never, no never, forget the krispie kremes, cause I'm a woman...W-O-M-A-N! And while I'm crowing, I also made cheesy scrambled eggs for 3 young ladies, folded the laundry, did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, straightened my hair, and I'm now off to play wii with Toa of Boy.

Tuesday, July 13th, 9:28am
It's official. We're starting school on Monday, taking a 3 day camping trip at the end of July, and taking another week or so of vacation time in the fall. Go us!

Tuesday, July 13th, 9:43am
Would anyone familiar with speech therapy take a look at this and tell me what they think? I'm considering one for Toa of Boy. Its a pretty cheap device, so not a huge loss if it proves useless to us.
>>>I've never tried anything like that for any of my kids but from what I've read I can see why it would be sucessful :)
>>>I've not heard of this before. Have you talked with the Hamilton County Educational Services Center? As a student, he might qualify for free services through the School District. The speech therapists I've encountered there are top notch.
>>>I am a speech/language pathologist. I have heard of these devices but have never used one. How old is Eswin? I would think that he would need instruction in how to produce the correct sound before the device could be useful for him. Also, Nora is correct - if he qualifies, your district would have to provide services for him. The trick is in the qualifying.
>>>I'm interested in the feedback too. One of my sons isn't quite speaking sounds correctly. I understand him no problem, but others have "complained".
>>>I recommend checking out the school system. Being a product of public education speech therapy, with home reinforcement, I think it worked good. I am very grateful for the 3 years of speech therapy I had in K-2 grades.
>>>ME: We did a summer of speech therapy last summer, and did pursue trying to get him evaluated through a school district (they wanted to label him as an ESL student, despite the fact that he doesn't speak any spanish). When I call his attention to the sounds he worked on last summer, he can take the time and make the effort to make the targeted sound a little more clearly. I dont want to be constantly correcting his speech. I just want him to be more aware of the sounds he's using.
>>>If you are absolutely sure that he knows how to make the sounds correctly, one of these devices can't hurt and might help make him more aware. If he is not sure of how to produce the sound, the device will just be reinforcing the incorrect production.
>>>Thanks for everyone's input! I know he knows how to make s and th ....those are the ones they really focused on last summer (plus a few consonant blends with l). After a year of no therapy, he only forms them correctly when someone else calls his attention to it. He doesn't self correct. I thought if we spent five minutes in the morning doing the ... See Moretonge and lip exercises the speech therapist taught us, and then practiced reading a few words or a single sentence with the tube later in the day, that would help him become more aware of his speech again.

Wednesday, July 14th, 10:18am
There was a woman on KLOVE this morning who claimed the title "professional fun consultant."

Wednesday, July 14th 1:19pm
Google medical text search....good. Google medical image search....BAD.

Wednesday, July 14th, 4:26pm
Does Learning Tree co-op take off the monday before Thanksgiving?
>>we have no mercy, LOL. We also don't have President's Day off.... Barb always said she thought the Presidents would like us going to school on that day, LOL!

Wednesday, July 14th, 9:00pm
I was telling the Jedi that I needed the jars beside the sink saved for school next week. Toa chimes in, "Can we make jet packs???"
>>I hope you said yes! :)
>>What were your plans for the jars next week?
>>Me: While I am a super-cool Mommy, I am not cool enough to say yes to homemade jet packs, despite the fact that Toa had their design all worked out. (You glue the jars together, put the fuel in, tie them on your back and go! Also, there should be a stick for steering.) The jars are going to meet the much less exciting fate of being an earthworm habitat (1 this week), and pond water collection containers (4 in a few weeks from now.)
>>Maybe he'd settle for this.
>>Me: I showed Toa the link and he said, "Can we make it?!"

Thursday, July 15th, 3:26pm
VBS is next week and I'm looking for...a fedora hat, a small ladies trench coat, and a yarn wig (like raggedy ann style, not big clown loops.) Anyone have these items that I could borrow?

Friday, July 16th
hey homeschoolers, do i need to send a separate letter of notification to my school district for each of my children, or can I send one letter and attach a separate intended curriculum and course of study for each child. (Yes, I'm getting my legal advice via Facebook.)
>>Yes, you can send one cover letter and then attach for each child separately your course curriculum, course of study and then the test score results or written narrative proof (whichever route you took if you homeschooled last year).
>>Opps forgot one thing - after your cover letter place your Ohio notice of intent to homeschool, there's room on there for both kids and then the other paperwork which I mentioned. I guess you've got yours all ready to go. I need to start working on mine. I love homeschooling, but for some reason I hate this part! Pray for me!!!!

Friday, July 16th
Tomorrow I'm blogging my little heart out :)

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Anonymous said...

I was reading your posts and saw your speech issues. I too have a son who struggled... . We did speech at schoolhis kindergarten year and that helped him out of it, he is thirteen now and all is well. I have run an in home daycare for the last 16 years and work with my kiddos on a site called We LOVE it and I have seen great improvement. I love being able to do something from home. Good Luck!!!!