Monday, August 15, 2011

Not-Back-to-School: Meet and Greet


  • Favorite Subject: Science
  • Favorite Thing about Homeschooling: "the freedom that's involved with it"
  • Least Favorite Thing about Homeschooling: "It's also kind of distracting doing school in my house because there are so many other things in the house that I enjoy doing."
  • Most Anticipating This Year:   learning Spanish

Toa of Boy

    • Favorite Subject: Math
    • Favorite Thing about Homeschooling: "I don't have sit for 800 hours and get sleepy and stuff."
    • Least Favorite about Homeschooling:  Spelling
    • Most Anticipating This Year: "the end of school"
    Mrs. Random

    • Favorite Subject: Art
    • Favorite Thing about Homeschooling: "marching to the beat of our own drum"
    • Least Favorite about Homeschooling: "teaching higher level math"
    • Most Anticipating This Year: "cooking with Sweetling"
      Not Back to School Blog Hop


      Kelli- AdventurezInChild'Rearing said...

      Oh fun! love the "interview" idea! (I used to write for mags. and newspapers so it was a reg. thing) you might think I'd have actually thought of it- but NO- I'm glad you did!!! fabulous- new follower-

      SmallWorld at Home said...

      Love the interviews! What a great idea!

      Traci's Teaching Times said...

      I'm with Kelli, I love the interview idea. I think I will interview my children to see what I'm up against as for what they may be dreading this year. Thanks for the idea.