Monday, August 22, 2011

Things I Need to Do

I don't know why I think making a list will make me more likely or motivated to get any of these done. Maybe making a list will entice some magic list fairy into coming over and magically accomplishing one of the items. Sort of like The Elves and the Shoemaker, without all the hard work the shoemaker puts in every day.

  • Revamp/ revise what goes in our food pantry bags. Search for some internet recipes that are still cheap and easy, use only non-perishable foods, and avoid unhealthy or overprocessed food. See why my to do list never gets done?
  • Develop a sign up sheet for the list of items the food pantry will need each month so that families can sign up to commit to bringing a few specific items each month
  • Put together a weekly lunch menu for the kids and me. Again, quick, cheap, and healthy are the must haves.
  • Clean out and organize the 6 big plastic drawers and three skinny plastic drawers of school and craft supplies downstairs.
  • Put together a 'price book' for grocery shopping.
  • Find some online directions for bridge building for Toa's history project this week.
  • Schedule an outing with Aunt Smurf. Preferably one that involves a penguin parade at Newport on the Levee.
  • Trim and hang some 'post cards from America' calendar pages as a border for our 'art door' in the hallway.
  • Schedule some outings for the new LITE Lab in the Cincinnati Museum Center.
On a side note, someone got chocolate smudges on the pages of Sweetling's Geometry book today. I'm blaming the accident on the indescribable joys of indirect proofs. 

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