Saturday, February 03, 2007


I'm debating the color of Fawn's hair. I have currently two different color themes going on here. The majority of her hair has more of an amber tone to it. I'm not sure I'm pleased with it. A small patch near her ear is a bit more wheat in tone. Which do I want to go with. Here is her brief physical description:

With soft brown eyes, a quiet voice, and a lightly freckled face, Fawn seems aptly named. Her tawny hair hangs just past her shoulders, and is often pulled back from her face and held by a barrette. She is petite and exudes a sense of calm, gentleness, and inner beauty.


lushgurl said...

I prefer the warmer, darker tones...what is tawny, anyway?

I am a natural red head, I hated my hair and my freckles growing up but my mom always said my hair was so beautiful because of all the different tones in it. I can see that in Devilteen's natural hair color today, it is really gorgeous. True to her lineage though, she has been everywhere from BLACK to platinum BLONDE!!! go figure...

Whatever you do, it WILL look great XOX

Impossible Mom said...

Tawny is kinda straw-blonde. I think her hair looks great. :)

The Maven said...

I want to be petite and calm *pout*

I love her hair, although I too like dark, rich tones. Probably because I was born a blond and always envied my brunette and redheaded friends. Why are we never just happy with what we have?

Anonymous said...

I seem to be the dissenting opinion here, but I actually like the wheat tones. ;)