Tuesday, February 27, 2007


We're very very busy and we have so much to do...

Quick list of topics I'd love to come back and write more about when I'm not exhausted.

--Thursday: Science fair, projects, cool families, mom that did attachment parenting, chess club, Sweetling's "superior" rating (blue ribbon)
--Friday. I had one. It fleeted past. But I was happy to see it. ah...bird feeders, squirrel feeders, enrichment devices
--Saturday. What did I do on Saturday? Oh, Amazing Grace movie. Go see it. I went with the Jedi. He made the arrangements for childcare for Sweetling. This is getting to be more than a list. Maple syrup. Area building. Bunny parties. Frog Hair.
--Sunday. Elephants. Missions weekend. Sweetling's voice. Devotions journal.
--Monday. AHG. I'm sure there were other things in my life that day. OH! letter about Energy from NiceLady. AND----mother's last biopsies all came back cancer free! (thanks everyone for all your prayers and thoughts and encouraging comments.) Also Renaissance Dresses.
--Tuesday. Mother's surgery delayed. IHOP. Schooling. School room. Photos. Tenebrae. Dance.

Now, after the lovely compliment that Maven paid me about my writing, I'm leaving you all with this crappy list. Why? Because. Doesn't that just stink as an answer? Here are the real reasons--I'm tired. I can't pick just one topic and I do have something to say about all of them. I go through my days sometimes and think, oooo, I'd love to blog about that. But somewhere between the thought and the blog, life interrupts. So, maybe through the week I'll blog about a few of those topics. Maybe. For now, I feel better just jotting them all down.

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Impossible Mom said...

Lists are good..but Frog hair is not. It sounds like something that belongs in a quest in WoW. "Please bring me back 6 Murlock eyes, 5 gnoll paws, 6 troll sweat and 10 frog hairs. so I can make stew."

Yeah...no more frog hair on lists.