Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I type, therefore...

This could also be titled, I have a keyboard and access to the interet, which as far as I'm concerned gives me liscense to ramble. Sweetling can spell lisence properly. I know, cause it was on her sticky word list for a while and so she'd spell it every week when I quized her on her spelling list for the week. Now, from this process, Sweetling learned how to spell lisence. Mommy learned...that sticky words is an effective teaching technique for other people.

ONE (yes I do have some specific points to make)

A huge giant enormous thank you for everyone who called me, IM'd me, emailed me, or posted a comment to me in the last two weeks. Honestly, I wrote a couple of not so happy entries, and I was literally flooded with friends checking in on me and making sure I was all right. Now, at the time, I exploited my kind friends by taking the opportunity to whine even more. But, looking back, I realize how sweet you all were, and how blessed I was by your compassion.


You all are great loving friends, but all you all whine too much about the tag game. ;) I had a great time with it, and loved reading everyone else's tag. Thanks to the three that I tagged that were good sports enough to follow through with it. Even if two of those young women were too "cool" to do so on their own blogs, lest their peer group see that they do associate with people as dorky as me.

Also, let me point out that being threatened to be chased around with a spoon by a man that I've never met is a unique and interesting experience. (Nevermind the fact that I've silently stalked his blog entries more than once. Christopher Robin already accuses me of being a voyeur.) Any way, thank you Steven for that special comment. *grin* Behold the power of the internet.


I love snow days. (Sorry CR). Everything in my life got cancelled this week, so I've gotten to stay home from many of my commitments. (No AHG monday, no dance last night, no WoW today, no choir tonight). Now, I normally like all of these things, but you all know I needed a vacation. Apparantly ice storms are my ticket to stay home and veg for a few days. (Yeah, I did spend nearly 5 hours on the road trying to run errands before the ice hit yesterday, and was almost successful). But still, the Piglet goes wee wee wee all the way home.

Plus, it is simply beautiful outside. I stood at the kitchen window this morning in my bathrobe looking out at it. The maple tree in our front yard is just transformed into this delicate blown glass sculpture. I'm so used to thinking that trees are bare during the winter, but our maple is covered with little red buds that make each branch a work of art. The evergreens are bowed under the weight of the snow and ice. Sweetling says they are bowing to God. The sky was a hushed powder blue with the softest kisses of blushing clouds encirling the treeline. Even the ugliness of the utility pole and its tangle of power cables that stands at the corner of our driveway became strings of sparkling icicles.


I had a most wonderful weekend. Sweetling stayed the weekend with some friends from church, and the Jedi and I went to a marriage conference. Let me explain, no, there is too much...let me sum up. First, the speakers were great. One speaker in particular was just hysterical. I missed parts of what he said, because I was too busy laughing over the last thing he said. I never in my life thought I'd sincerely say "I hope we get to hear the mime again", especially since the Jedi readily agreed with that bizarre statement. Second, the Jedi and I spent nearly all weekend talking to each other, working out a few past issues, and really reconnecting with each other. I came home really energized and "up"...but at the same time felt a little wrung out because of how deep the conversations had been. (Another reason I'm glad snow and ice have cancelled my entire week).

The weekend was arguable one of the best weekends I've had in a long, long time. (for some future post, I'll have to make a nice long list of weekends I've really enjoyed and why)

(What number am I on?) FIVE

I've done enough ranting about the difficulties I had getting on my blog the past couple days. But, since I am high maintenance, I'm going to rant some more. Apparantly, although "chocolateer" is the name I post as, its NOT my user name for Blogspot. Ergo, every variation of the password I would have thought I would have used with the username of Chocolateer didn't work. And, also ergo, neither did any 'forgot your password' emails come to me. They could have TOLD me that this was an invalid username....unless some other person who *does* have the username of chocolateer got three password emails in their inbox. So, I finally get back on the school room computer (its ups died, and I was using the laptop...hence some of the frustration because the school room computer saves my user names and passwords. Yes, I know, the height of security I am). Anyway, back on the schoolroom computer. My blogspot welcome screen says "Hi Xuan"; my username is a dnd character name, and I post as Chocolateer. Its just layers upon layers of treachory out there.

Apparantly chanting "mine! mine! mine!" works when you are two and are tugging on a toy. It loses its effectiveness when you are 36 and are screaming at a laptop screen.

Lastly, am I the only dyslexic who cannot correctly type in the wicked random letters to leave a comment for others? I swear I type slowly, carefully, deciphering the swimming confusing jumble of letters. And I always, always, get denied the first time. I can usually get it the second or third time though. If not I give up.

SIX (I had to scroll up again).

My tablet PC is all set to go. It lives on my school desk next to my regular PC. This is so I can have my regular PC on and open to meebo and to whatever rp i'm involved in AND hold my tablet PC on my lap so I can draw while I'm waiting for my turn to post. I tried to claim that this made me a nerd, but Chessclub essentially said that 'nerd' was too intelligent of an appilation for me. We both agreed that this did not make me a geek, because that would imply a degree of compupter competency everyone knows I don't possess. So, do I get left with 'dork'? I'm always a dork. I want a new stereotype.


I have a wretched body-image. Christopher Robin wanted a picture of me to share with peeps she's rping with. I searched to try to find a photo of me taken within the last two years, that I could live with. I failed. Eventually she cropped me out of a group shot taken this summer. I can live with her pic cause it was a bit on the low res side (since it was just a small piece of a bigger pic) so it was indistinct enough that it didn't make me cringe to see it.


Because this blog was supposed to be upbeat I refuse to end it on my lack of self-esteem. If I knew how to make a photo come in at the END of my blog, instead of at the top, I'd put in a photo of baby pandas. But we've already determined that I'm not geek enough to do that.

In close, I'll ask you the same question Sweetling asked me this morning. (Well, this question came after, "Mommy, how do you get the towel to stay up?" cause she came in to use the bathroom right after I had gotten out of the shower.) Anyway, her question was, "If you were a dog, who would you want your owner to be?"


Anonymous said...

License is spelled license, not lisence.

Thats all. *grin*

I love you!


(I fail miserably at the letters too. =( )

Impossible Mom said...

If I was a dog I would either be owned by Jeff and Michelle or Justin and Jonnie. They both treat their dogs like kings!

And yes, SNOW DAYS SUCK when were all sick. so :P Glad you had a vacation while i was in toddler hell ;)

Diana said...

If I was dog then I would want to be owned by Steve Irwin. Funny answer since he is not living anymore, however he showed alot of passion towards his animals, and love. That way I know I would be taken care of, and have great freind all in one.

Now if its someone close to me now then I would say James, or Dr. Burk. Either would do. James because well he is my guy, and all. Dr. Burk becauase she is vet so I know I would get medical help with needed, and free.

As for weekend it was great, and hope to have many more moments like it in the future. Although it would be ok if it did not happen for little while though. Look forward to visiting again soon.

Did you read my letter yet? Just checking to see if you did. Mainly to make sure you did not lose

Chocolateer said...

Yes, both the Jedi and I read your letter. The Jedi especially loved it. He took it and put it someplace to keep it safe.

lushgurl said...

Chocolateer is back and better than ever!!!
I am so glad that Elf pointed out the correct spelling of the rectangular thingy that is attached to a car! I knew ya didn't have it right, but had no idea what right was ?!!!??
UMMM... the dog thing? I'd like to belong to Oprah! HELLO??? Oprah, I'd be the best dressed bitch around!
As ever your dorky friend, Lushgurl XOX