Friday, March 06, 2009

Five Minutes to Post and SPRING IS HERE

There are cups clunking and the sound of the fridge door opening upstairs, but I'm ignoring that. There are more fish sticks in the toaster oven and an empty saucer beside me, but I'm ignoring that. The lunch timer is set to go off soon. And so help me, I'm posting today.

Hooray spring. Blessed spring. Wonderful spring. Happy spring.

This morning we went outside, me joyfully, my children happily as well. We got the garden beds cleaned up, the sandbox raked, and the the patio swept. Again, I was joyful, now the children were not as joyful. Spring, apparently, is meant only for free time on the swingset. And they had five minutes of that during a water break. It only took us an hour or so, and I'm so thrilled we got it done.

All my windows are open. My patio door too. There is a wonderful, glorious, spring breeze blowing.

We are going to fly through the rest of school (phonics for Toa of Boy and composition for Sweetling.) Then we are going bike riding.

Yesterday we went to the park by Winton Lake.

Hooray for spring. Wonderful spring. Fabulous spring.

I can not type that enough.

The Jedi has approved the plan to cut the grocery budget to $400 a month so that we can have $50 a month for gardening. And by "we", I mean "me".

Spring is here. Daffodils are pushing up through the soil and the dry, brown leaves of autumn. The ground is cool and moist. My sedum autumn joy and my daylilies are making an appearance as well.

Spring. Spring. Spring.

Timer has just gone off. I'm leaving to go do more spring things.


Anonymous said...

Ah I hope spring comes here soon... we had a nice day today, which I was ever so thankful for! :)

Nora MacFarlane said...

I've got crocus blooming, and my daffodils, lilies, and other perennials are pushing through the dirt!! yeah!