Monday, March 16, 2009

Two Scared Squirrels

I scared the bejeebers out of two squirrels this morning. I didn't mean to. I regularly throw the crusts of my morning toast out on the back patio for the squirrels and birds. This morning, I opened the door and two squirrels who had been within a couple feet of the door took off like the crack of doom had been sounded. Lest you feel sorry for them, they recovered and made off with the crusts in the few minutes it took me to unload the dishwasher. Fast furry little pirates that they are.

I know my blog posts have been rather formulaic of late. I'm either writing to a prompt on one of the weekly memes or writing about my devotions for that day. The truth is most of my creative energy is going into another writing project right now. I have a friend who is working on developing his own fantasy world. I'm doing some background writing for him on a few of the cultures of the world. He would like to publish his work eventually, and so has asked me not to share the portions I'm working on. The Jedi is excited about the project and sees it as a viable business venture. I'm excited about the project cause I'm excited about the world and the cultures. So, no creative writing from me here. When he gets a website up, I'll post a link to it. But that might be a long time in coming cause things are still in the developing phases right now.

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