Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Getting Dirty

I knew that would grab your attention.

I wasn't going to do today's reset material just because I wanted to do something else. I didn't know what else. Just something else. Blogsurf maybe. Or look through plant catalogs. I had a short story idea on my mind, things that I wanted to wrap up in my writing project, and garden visions. By the time I had made my hot chocolate, I had settled on the garden ideas. I really need some more stepping stones and some rocks to help retain soil on the far side of the sandbox. The Jedi has said many times that we are not buying rocks, so where can I get them? Oh sure, if I wanted to be really rude I could drive to Winton Wood, park my car by one of the streams, and help myself. But there's something wrong, and probably illegal, about pilfering landscape materials from a county park. What other streams can I help myself to?

But definitely gardening was the topic du jour, at least in the instant I, more out of obligation than anything else, opened up my reset journal. Don't get me wrong, I've been really digging the reset material. But I was grumpy and feeling selfish. I used to get exasperated with Toa of Boy when he would refuse to do something just for the sake of saying no, but really I'm the same way. I wasn't going to do it simply to be contrary. I was going to sit down and flood the blog world with inquiries about rocks. See, the area on the other side of the sandbox could be a lovely shade garden, but I can't plant anything right now because there isn't any topsoil there. Its just hard packed clay. Even the weeds can't grow. But if I had some rocks, I could build a couple of raised beds to fill with peat moss and compost and make good topsoil for hostas and ferns and other shade lovers.

And that is exactly what I was thinking about when I opened my journal and read...

"Ever try to grow a garden? Its all about the soil."

The scripture verses are, of course, the parable of the sower. Luke 8:4-8 and 11-15. And the journaling prompt is...

"What in your own life right now is enhancing or preventing you from receiving God more fully? Consider this for a moment then describe the condition of your own soil, or draw a picture."

Which I wrote about in my journal. I might come back and type it out here, but right now I'm going to hop in the shower.


Kelly said...

Good stuff!

Jonathan said...

hi it is jonathan from co-op and I wunt to tell you the name of my blog it is on my mom's blog lest and I wote a story but I have a lot of pictures so I will see you at co-op.