Friday, April 03, 2009

Can this week just be over yet?

Be warned. A truckload of whining is about to commence. A huge pity party. With snacks even.

Ok. I'm skipping the whine session. I'll just sum up. Mom was sick, Toa of Boy has been really sick for three days, the Jedi's car is in the shop, and Sweetling is being referred to a hematologist for vascular issues with her feet. Her toes are purple. Sadly, the hematologist office needs a referal form faxed to them from our dr. Then they send the referral to an office coordinator. The office coordinator makes arrangements for medical records to be sent to their office. THEN, after they receive those records, they call me back to begin scheduling an appointment. Its two weeks of paper work before we're even looking at scheduling an appointment. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I was going to use this as an escape to write about my plans to build a fairy house for the garden. But I don't feel like writing. I don't feel like reading. I don't feel like watching tv. I don't feel like gaming. I can't go anywhere or start a huge project with the kids, cause neither of them are up for anything. But I'm nervous and restless and need to focus my energy on something.

Good news (garden wise). Mango says I can go up with her to her mom's farm and raid the stream there for flat stepping stones for the butterfly patch. And we can steal compost from her mom too. And we found bags of cheap vermiculite for a square foot garden. But, the site where I was going to put my square foot garden is pretty small, even for a square foot garden. I'd love for the kids to each have their own small garden plots for veggies, but don't have any other sun in the back yard. I don't want the kids' gardens in front, necessarily, because then they can't go and tend them on their own. I could put my veggies in front, and the kids in back I suppose. Hmmmm. Or I could build two small boxes right beside the walk way that goes from the patio to behind the garage. That shouldn't cut too much into what little lawn space we have. hmmm again. Sadly, the area behind the swingset is far too shady for veggies.

I need to price either sod or seed mats for redoing where the strawberries where and fixing the sorry, unwelcoming weedpatch behind the swingset. That's what I'll do. I'll order plants, and see if I can price sod or seed mats. I'm not planting grass from seed ever again.

I'll order plants, and then make a chandelier for the fairy house with a little light bulb (burned out of the hall night light) and some decorative wire and some beads. Then I'll feel happy.

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Kelly said...

I fel like I just read about my week-except my other child is fine. He's just grumpy because I've made him do schoolwork-very minimal amount though! Know you are not alone! Prayers for healing for everyone.