Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Forget school, its a blog day.

Blog holiday baby. Blog holiday all the way.

Sweetling got this book, 101 Places you Gotta See Before You're 12, from the library. We're going to look through it, type its list out and note which ones we've been to, and which ones we want to try to get to this summer.

(But right now, Sweetling and Toa of Boy are making a haunted house in Toa's room. Maybe I'll go grab a shower, and then come back to this.)

1. A lighthouse. Did this. Lake Erie
2. A landfill. Need to call Rumpke and see if they do public tours.
3. An artist's studio. Need ideas!!!
4. A Migration Path. Need.
5. A Skatepark. Need.
6. A Working Farm. Does Sweetling feeding and watering the cows and chickens at a friend's farm over Christmas count? I think so.
7. A Space Place. We went to the space exhibit at COSI. That might be as close as we get. And we went to a planetarium.
8. An Animal Rescue Center. Need.
9. A Superlative Place. Need.
10. A Faraway Island. Need.
11. An Antiquarian Bookstore. Need. Bet there's one in Cinci somewhere. Half-Priced Books doesn't count.
12. An Old-Growth Forest. We'll see what we can find.
13. A Ghost Town. www.ghosttowns.com
14. A Waterfall. Hocking Hills :)
15. An Olympic Trainer Center. Sweetling took lessons at Cincinnati Gymnastics, which trained some of our gold medal women. www.olympic-usa.org
16. A Swimming Hole. www.swimmingholes.org
17. A Kooky Capital. need research.
18. An Art Museum. We'll go again. Twist my arm.
19. A Rock Art Site.
20. A Wind Farm.
21. An Aquarium. Thank you Newport.
22. A "Little" Country. Can't we count the market in Guatemala? Sweetling says, "It was cool, but due to its geographical location, we can't count that."
23. A Crazy Dreamhouse. I hear Loveland Castle is going to do some mini-festivals over the summer.
24. The Place Where Your Parent(s) Grew Up. We go up to Nana and Bapa's house several times each year.
25. A Famous Field.
26. A Big Cave. Yeah, baby. Mommy wants to go to a cave! http://cavern.com
27. A Geyser or Natural Hot Springs. Hmmm.
28. Your Elected Official's Office. We might be going up to Columbus for a charter school rally at the State House in May. www.congress.gov
29. An Insectarium. "hey, there's one at the Cincinnati Zoo."
30. A Marvel of Engineering.
31. A Cemetery. We went for Memorial Day last year. I'd like to do that again this year. This year I'd like to order some small American flags from oriental trading company and walk around and put flags on any non-decorated military graves.
32. A Wildlife Refuge. www.fws.gov/refuges
33. A Long Trail.
34. A Supernatural Sighting Spot. Lake Erie, Vermillion OH
35. An Old Folk's Home. check, visits with women's bible study and with AHG
36. A Sculpture Park. Look kids, art.
37. A Farmer's Market. Was one at the pumpkin patch we visited last year.
38. A Wetland.
39. A Pigpen. Young's Dairy Farm. Sweetling says that that can "maybe" count.
40. An Ancient City. I've been wanting to do Serpentine Mound and Fort Ancient.
41. A Battlefield.
42. A Boardwalk.
43. A Repair Shop.
44. A Folk or Junk Art Creation. ("You *know* I want to go there.")
45. A Great Estate. Stan Hewet would be a good place to visit.
46. General Store. The dairy store in Sugar Creek "might" count.
47. A Forest Canopy.
48. A Gateway to the New World. We went through immigration in Houston. Susan says, 'huh'.
49. A Big Dune. "Dune is fun to say."
50. A Haunted Place. "What a coincidence, me and Toa were making a haunted house."
51. A Sensory Garden. www.kidsgardening.com
52. A Literary Location.
53. An Amazing Architectural Achievement. www.greatbuildings.com
54. A Living History Museum. Sharon Woods Historic Village www.alhfam.org/alhfam.links.html
55. A Place of Worship (other than your own)
56. A GreenWay.
57. A Very Big Thing.
58. A Fort. I think there's one a little west of Cincinnati.
59. A Dinosaur Site. Big Bone Lick in KY.
60. A First-Rate Secondhand Store
61. An Unusual Museum.
62. A Peace Place. Again, Cinci Zoo.
63. The Teacher's Lounge. You're sitting in it sweetie ;)
64. A Stargazing Spot. Planetarium was as close as we got, but I know there is also an observatory or two in Cinci.
65. A Newsroom. Again, I'll need to call and ask about tours.
66. Backstage of a Theater.
67. A Mint.
68. A Patissiere. Why can't Graeter's count? Boo hoo. Mommy likes the Graeter's.
69. A Radical Rock Formation. Now here, old man's cave might count.
70. A Floating Museum. Is tallstacks due back this year?
71. An Archeological Site. www.digonsite.com/guide
72. A Hall of Fame.
73. An Artist's Inspiration.
74. An Unusual Animal Farm. Woo hoo! Bring on the llamas!
75. A Courthouse. Been there. Done that.
76. A Working Port.
77. A Replica. Can you say Eiffel Tower at Kings Island? I knew you could. Its even better than the one they have in the book. And we're going to see a 40' Viking longship at the end of April.
78. An Inventive Place.
79. An Endangered Place. www.nationaltrust.org or www.wmf.org
80. A Special Place to Sleep. How bout the theme rooms at Wild Wood Inn, they have family themed vacation rooms? "That ice place looks cool." We're never going there. "Yes we are!"
81. A Place Where They Make Cool Stuff.
82. A Ethnic Restaurant. Dim sum. Mmmmm.
83. A Legendary Location.
84. Your Parent's Workplace. Been there done that.
85. A Subway. Not the sandwhich shop.
86. A Canyon or Gorge. Maybe Red River Gorge would make a good outing.
87. A Medical Museum.
88. An Airplane Hanger or Collection. Wright Patterson AirForce Base.
89. A Prison or Jail.
90. A Hero's Home.
91. A School That's Different from Yours.
92. A Famous Road. Maybe we can sell Daddy on a Rt 66 vacation before Obama puts a $2 per gallon tax on gas.
93. A People-Watching Place. Fountain Square might be good.
94. An Amazing Science Site.
95. An Eccentric Eatery
96. The Middle of Nowhere.
97. A Weather Spot.
98. A Recording Studio. We can ask Mr. Saxophone for some tips.
99. A Greenhouse.
100. A Street Market. Now I get to count Guatemala market.
101. A Really Cool Place that You Discover All on Your Own. "Yay!"

Ok, that's a lot more unvisited places than I thought. What a busy summer we will have!

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