Tuesday, April 14, 2009


253 blog posts that I have finished applying labels to. That's all of them, in fact.

11:22 in the morning and zero school lessons done.

9 Webkinz that Sweetling has dumped into my lap, cause they're cute.

2 Facebook encouraging facebook notes that I should reply to and thank the writers for their thoughtfulness.

1 Wii that has kept Toa busy for over an hour now

117.6 pounds on the scale means only 2 cups of hot chocolate a day and 6 glasses of water.

? lbs of chicken in the freezer....and I'm totally chickened out for dinner recipes

2 days till co-op again, and 2 short stories to write (one by me and one by Sweetling)

60 degrees which is good, but rainy and wet, so still no gardening.

2 days of sunny warm weather later this week, both of which are already booked up, so still no gardening.

15 peat pellets in a plastic container on the living room window sill. 3 with seeds that have started to sprout, 2 of which look like something fuzzy is starting to grow at the base of the sprout. What do I do?

3 unmotivated persons home on a Tuesday with too many lessons that need done and not enough fun creativity to get the gears cranking.

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