Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daybook, really? again?

I like the daybook format. Yes, I know I'm not normally one to like pesky things like rules and patterns and directions. But on days when I don't have anything in particular I want to write about, the daybook format at least gets me sitting down and, you know, writing. It doesn't make for thrilling reading, I know, I know. So, if you want a thrilling blog, you're welcome to leave me a comment with a suggestion for a writing topic, and I'll hop right on that. Wind me up and watch me go.

But for know, you're stuck with yet another daybook entry. My blog this past month has been nothing but daybook entries and friday fill ins.

FOR TODAY, Tuesday, April 21...

Outside my window...I brief patch of cold, but welcome, sunshine quickly dissappeared behind more April rain clouds. Rain is good for the flowers. Rain is good for the plants. Rain is not so good for the Xuan, though.

I am thinking...I'm having a lull in creativity. In March I was full of plans and ideas. Why has the April showers washed my mind clear of any ambition? We need a spring break. An honest to goodness, spring break. Not the everyone is sick so we aren't doing school break that we had around Easter. Not the drive to the OAT testing site every other day for a week that we're having now. But an honest to goodness spring break. And a clean uncluttered home that just magically happens. I want that too.

I am thankful for...my husband. The Jedi has been the blog star for a couple of months now, and his track record continues this weekend. Friday night he ran a game just for me, cause Christopher Robin and the Bear ditched us to have a date night. Selfish them ;) Saturday morning he took me out to Bob Evans for breakfast and then we sat in the van afterward reading and talking. And Sunday he drove for nearly two hours (one way) to take Sweetling to a God Rocks concert.

From the learning rooms...OAT testing. We spent yesterday afternoon at the school building where we ususally have co-op. Susan did the first of four state mandated testing days while Toa and I sat in the cafeteria downstairs and did math and phonics. We made cookies when we got home in the afternoon though. Cookies make all things better.

From the kitchen...cookies, of course. I posted on Facebook that I had cookies in the oven, but no dinner in the oven. Toa of Boy thought we should have cookies for dinner. I actually considered it, and went to facebook for someone to be the voice of reason, but my Facebook buddies all thought cookies for dinner was a swell idea. But we had bbq chicken, spanish rice, sweet potatoes, and green beans for dinner. We had the cookies first of course, but dinner did happen.

From the garden....I put the first of my seedlings out today. I watered the seedlings in their little clear plastic tub on the livingroom windowsill, and I splashed just a drop of miracle gro in their water. The zucchini seedling was sending roots out of its little peat pellet and trying to invade the neighboring peat pellets, plus he looked so top heavy I thought he was in danger of breaking his stem, so he just needed to go in the ground. Because he's a big vining plant, he doesn't fit in my square foot garden, so he got to live in the butterfly garden by the garage. I had already dug up and transplanted a Sedum Autumn joy, so I just popped the zucchini seedling into the space where the Sedum was. Later, I need to pick up a white plastic chain from the hardware store. I'm going to anchor one end of the chain to the wood wall of the garage about six feet above the ground. As the zucchini vine grows, I'm going to tie it up along the chain so that I can grow the plant vertically.

I am wearing...brown cords and a beige sweater. Its cold. Cold and rainy. I am as monochromatic as the weather.

I am creating...zip. Though, on Saturday, I did get to borrow the Jedi's power drill. I made holes in some old plastic garbage cans (the big outdoor ones) and layered green and brown materials in them to make compost bins. I didn't cover them though, so I'm sure the compost is absolutely soaked. Can compost get too soaked? Who knows. I surely don't.

I am going...testing. Testing, more testing. And grocery shopping tomorrow. And co-op on Thursday. I *want* to be going to pick up vermiculite and peat moss and compost to mix soil for my square foot garden. I have my seeds nicely started, and the little seedlings need to go in the ground. But I have no ground for the little seedlings to live in yet.

I am reading...just finished For Men Only with the Jedi. Once again, let me sing the praises of this book, and its companion book, For Women Only. The Jedi and I are considering offering to lead a Sunday school class for couples using these two books.

I am hoping...for a magically clean, clutter free home. Sadly, I am the only house fairy that is going to make that happen. The house fairy needs to get off her house fairy bottom and make that happen. No, that's not fair. Its not as if the house fairy hasn't been busy. The house fairy has been busy. But the house fairy needs to go back to taking just 15 minutes a day to declutter. Maybe after testing.

I am hearing...the muffled sounds of Super Smash Bros. Toa finished his morning school work, so he was off to Wii while I took 30 minutes to blog before lunch.

Around the house...Toa is defeating Mario villians. Sweetling has just emerged from her room for lunch. In an hour and a half, she did about 30 minutes of actual work. What happened to my independently functioning daughter?

One of my favorite things... the dandelions in my yard. Yes, I know the neighbors hate me, but I really, really like the cheery yellow flowers dotting my grass. Ok, more than dotting, speckling my lawn. Why are dandelions so maligned as weeds? They are lovely and yellow and their seed heads are fun and fluffy.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Monday: testing
Tuesday: Ohio history lessons, co-op homework, Toa's schooling. Then dinner, dance, and Tae Kwon do.
Wednesday: grocery shopping, testing, maybe a quick run to the garden center. Leftovers, church.
Thursday: co-op, library, dinner, Tae Kwon Do
Friday: testing, family night.
Saturday: Oh....heres a cool one! We're going to the Ashville Viking Festival!!! The admission is canned or non-perishable food items for the local food pantry. They have a 40' replica of a viking long boat. I wanted to go in costume, but the Jedi said, wisely, that the month was already pretty booked up and I shouldn't add sewing 4 costumes to my activities.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Which I found on Caverna Obscura Fantasy Fashions by Elvina Ewing while looking for some pictures of elven chain for a character.

And Sweetling at the concert--

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