Wednesday, August 11, 2010

California Drive Plan Out

From city to city, not counting stops for food and sightseeing:

Drive plan out:

 Day 1. )   Cin-St Louis - 6hr; St Louis-KC - 4 hr

Day 2. )   Stuff in KC

Day 3. )   KC-Denver - 9 hr

Day 4. )   Stuff in Denver; Denver-Laramie - 2.5 hr

Day 5. )   Laramie-Salt Lake - 6 hr

Day 6. )   Salt Lake-Reno - 8 hr

Day 7.  )  Reno-Sacramento - 2.5 hr
Research Bamforth National Wildlife Refuge; stuff in central Kansas, western Kansas, or eastern Colorado; and, for return trip, Mojave National Preserve.

And check out this awesome van!!!! The family turned the outside of it into a traveling journal of their trip I showed the Jedi and he said, "Yeah, we're not doing that. But, it would be interesting to keep a log of that." So, no journaling all over the van  for me, but I do want to buy a special notebook to serve as a trip log :)

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