Saturday, August 21, 2010

(not) Alice's Restaurant

Well, walk right in, its around the back....

This is a search for restaurants along Rt 80 in Wyoming. I started with Ft Bridger, since we were planning on stopping there for a historical site. I found three restaurants with promising sounding names, but no reviews, and less than promising google street views.

After reading some amusing comments on a forum I found, I tried some restaurants in Green Rivers. They do have reviews, and some have webpages. And here they are:
Krazy Mouse breakfast specialty, traditional, relaxed family atmosphere, though some of the reviews mentioned slow service which is a major detractor since we're just stopping off for a bite
Arctic Circle (which looks to be a hamburger franchise, but with a name like that, who cares?)
 Penny's Dinner " a great little diner complete with 50's and 60's memorabilia. The menu was filled with local specials and the service was prompt." 

Well, what this hour and a half has taught me is this:

I now have three personal goals for our trip.
  1. Blog each day.
  2. Pick up a refridgerator magnet for each state.


Holly@aiminghigh said...

You even plan where and when you are going to stop and eat? Holy Toledo, Girl! You're more organized than even me! :>)
Many Blessings,

Mrs Random said...

Hey Holly--

I'm not the organized one....that's the Jedi. My idea of "planning' for a trip to California would be to pack my bags, grab a credit card and a camera, and head west.

The Jedi though, he said, "Please see what you can find." He saved me a map of our route out and back and requested that we included sight seeing stops as well as pick the restaurants that would be nice to eat at. (Yeah, I just ended that sentence on "at". My Pappaw would be appalled.)

So, because I love my husband, and because the trip we made to Buffalo, which was all planned out, was so awesome---lots of pre-planning is happening.

Actually, I'm having a *ton* of fun doing the research. This is an absolute once in a lifetime dream vacation for me; all the research is like extra bonus time to think about and envision the trip!