Saturday, August 14, 2010

Facebook Friday: month of catch up

Again. Cause I never do anything regularly.

Fri/Sat, July 17th 12:44 am 
Tomorrow I'm blogging my little heart out :)

Sat, July 17th, 10:31 am
Which topic should I blog about first today... other stuff we did this
summer in general, letterboxing, or how to make a supercool pinata?

Sun, July 18th, 11:11 pm
Any tips on FINDING and then catching an escaped dwarf hamster?

Mon, July 19th, 7:51 am
Yay! Two hamsters safely back in their cage. I woke up this morning and the escapee was outside his cage, trying to climb the bars to get back in because his hamster brother was inside the cage running like mad on the wheel. What is freedom compared to the glories of running on the hamster wheel?

Tues, July 20th 11:55 am
We should have named Toa's hamsters Cain and Abel. After having the hamster cage to himself for a full night, Cain is unwilling to share with his brother. Abel had blood on his back this morning. After a $30 trip to petsmart, Abel now has his own cage.

Wed, July 21st, 8:59 pm
Things Toa learned at VBS tonight---1) Mummies only walk around in the movies. 2) If you harass teenage boys, they might just pick you up and put you inside the girls' bathroom.

Sun, July 25th, 4:16 pm
My kids had pizza for lunch and dinner on Friday and for lunch again on Saturday. Now its about time for Sunday dinner and I find myself thinking, if only we had some pizza....

Mon, July 26th, 8:40 am
I am now only one day behind with B90 (instead of three) and I can see the surface of my desk again. Things are looking up! Much better than waking up and realizing I had forgotten to turn the dishwasher on before I went to bed last night (AGAIN), trying to make toast without plugging in the toaster (AGAIN) and discovering I was 3 days behind in my reading.

Mon, July 26th, 10:56 pm
I remembered to turn my dishwasher ON!!!! Yes! I am THIS cool!

Tues, July 27th, 8:07 am
Jeremiah is a loo-ooo-ng book, but I finished it this morning :)

Wed, July 28th, 7:19 am
Why is it that whenever I put something "in a safe place", its pretty much guaranteed that I will never be able to find that item again?

Thurs, July 29th, 7:41 am
Guess where I happened to find my cordless kitchen phone this morning? In the hall linen closet, on top of the sheets. Hmmmmm..... (Yeah, its not really I mystery. I put it down there when I was grabbing sheets and blankets for our camping trip. But the good news is that I found it before we left the Jedi with a missing phone while we were gone.)

Sun, Aug 1st, 6;25 pm
uh. laundry (tons of it), homeschooling notifications to write, a day or two of B90 readings, school lesson preps for tomorrow and next week....and guess what I'm going to do tonight? NOTHING.

Mon, Aug 2nd, 3:59 pm
Olive Garden give away is a trap. If I could do an Admiral Ackbar voice for this, I would.

Thurs, Aug 5th, 10:16 am
I put money in the wrong meter this morning. There wasn't a ticket on my windshield. Does that mean I'm safe? Or will they do something sneaky like mail me a ticket?

Fri, Aug 6th, 2:43 pm
Someone snuck the book of Haggai in between Zephaniah and Zechariah. So, instead of only having three books to read in the old testament, I had four. Sneaky people.

Sun, Aug 8th, 3:08 pm
The problem with healthy sancks is that the aren't full of sugary chocolate goodness.

Mon, Aug 9th, 11:13pm
I got a *beautiful* aoelian harp for my anniversary :) !!!

Tues, Aug 10th, 1:03 pm
Apparently, if one does not rinse out one's straw after having a juice shake so that the straw doesn't get nasty...."nasty" does not mean that the straw comes to life at night to crawl around and hunt us down while we're sleeping in our beds. It sounded like a plausible explanation to me, but Sweetling said, "No, Mommy."

Tues, Aug 10th, 11:22 pm
Ta da! Homeschool notification ready to be taken to the post office tomorrow :)

Wed, Aug 11th, 12:50pm
adjective contest: best adjective to describe the heat is_______?? Winner gets, um, be "cool" of course!
>>>Oppressive! Stifiling! Unbearable! lol
>>>Hot! LOL
>>>Stultifying. (I think that is a word. If not, it should be.)
>>>firely. Actually, the adverb is really firelike, but I like firely better.
>>>In retrospect, fiery is the word. I just typed in "fire" and couldn't figure out how to turn it into an adjective. Blasted English spelling.

Thurs, Aug 12th, 7:52 am
I'm just here to preen my feathers and say that at 7:30 this morning, I had two children in their pjs on the living room floor looking through and discussing library books about the 50 states....(ta da.....) ....on their own initiative.

Thurs, Aug 12th, 11:57 am
Doing more trip planning today. There is a whole lot of nothing in central Kansas.

Fri, Aug 13th, 8:45 am
We're tired of being cooped up inside. Who's up for an outing to parky's ark today?

Fri, Aug 13th
parky's ark this afternoon....going once.....

Fri, Aug 13th
At home on a Friday night with no electricity. Time to break out the glowsticks and board games.

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