Saturday, August 28, 2010


I don't know any songs about Nevada. I need to change this. How else can I sing annoying ditties at my children?

So, in Utah, I found Antelope Island State Park (which has beaches and buffalo!) in the Great Salt Lake.

When we leave Utah, we'll be traveling nearly nine hours through Nevada to Reno, our next overnight stop. We need things to stop and do and see and places to eat.

The first community we'll hit after leaving the Salt Lake area is Wendover. Interestingly, there is an abandoned air force base there that housed the Enola Gay. I'm  not sure we would stop to tour it, but I found an interesting blog post about it.

I can't tell if Wells, Nevada is on our route or not, but I'm going to check it out more tomorrow. I looked through the historic walking tour, but most (all) the photos were historic, so its hard to tell what the area is like now. You know what the solution to that is? Google maps street views.  Here's the overview of Wells.

There are two state parks that look close to our route. South Fork State Park and Rye Patch. (Similarly, I have no interest NOW in stopping at another State Park. After all, we'll be hitting Antelope State Park that morning. We need something different.)

The Jedi says I should look to see if we're driving past any Native American points of interest or history. That's a good idea. I found a map of Native Lands in Nevada. So now, I'll do a google search on some of the tribes I-80 goes past and see what I can find.

I'm finding the Te-Moak Tribe, which looks to have three member tribes along I-80. I'm not seeing anything that looks inviting for a stop, which is a shame, since I'd love to patronize a business or tourist endeavor owned and operated by tribal members. There is one gift shop on the tribal lands near Wells NV. The Jedi says that we should stop there and pick something up. In Wells, there is a restaurant in the Wild West Inn. Once again, no reviews on google so...?

There are also some letterbox clues near Elko NV and near Battle Mountain NV. We don't have any letterbox hunts on our trip yet, and Sweetling wanted to do some (so does Mommy really.) I'll look into those and google map their start locations tomorrow. Maybe that would be a possibility for a short stop.

And here's what I Elko County (where Wells is) an easy drive by letterbox just off the 292 Hunter exit of I-80. Perfect.

Yummy review for the  Dish Cafe in downtown Reno.

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